• Directors: John Landis
  • Producers: George Folsey Jr
  • Writers: John Landis, Michael Jackson
  • Genres: Horror, Romance, Short, Thriller, Music
  • Actors: Michael Jackson, Ola Ray, Vincent Price

It is the late 1950s. A teenaged Michael and his unnamed date (Ola Ray) run out of gas in a dark, wooded area. They walk off into the forest, and Michael asks her if she would like to go steady. She accepts and he gives her a ring. He warns her, however, that he is “different”. A full moon appears, and Michael begins convulsing in agony â€“ transforming into a horrifying werewolf. His date shrieks and runs away, but the werewolf catches up, knocking her down and begins lunging at her with his claws.

The scene cuts away to a modern-day movie theater (exteriors filmed at the Palace Theatre in downtown Los Angeles[9]), where Michael and his date â€“ along with a repulsed audience â€“ are actually watching this scene unfold in a movie called “Thriller” starring Vincent Price. Michael’s date is scared, but he is clearly enjoying the horror flick (part of the dialogue of the unseen film contains Landis’ signature line “See you next Wednesday” before the audience screams again). Frightened, his date leaves the theatre. Michael hands his popcorn to the stranger next to him, and catches up to her, smiling and saying “It’s only a movie!” Some debate follows over whether or not she was scared by the scene; she denies it, but Michael disagrees.

After the credits, when they concurrently show the zombies dancing again, the disclaimer humorously states, “Any similarity to actual events or persons living, dead (or undead) is purely coincidental.” Landis’ An American Werewolf in London likewise offered this disclaimer. After the warning the zombies dance back to the grave then another zombie comes into view and gives a horrifying grimace to the camera that freeze frames before blood runs down the screen and the screen turns to black.

Edward Scissorhands

  • Directors: Tim Burton
  • Producers: Tim Burton, Denise Di Novi
  • Writers: Screenplay, Caroline Thompson, Story, Tim Burton, Caroline Thompson
  • Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
  • Actors: Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder, Dianne Wiest, Anthony Michael Hall, Kathy Baker, Alan Arkin, Vincent Price

An elderly woman tells a story to her granddaughter of a man with scissors for hands named Edward, the creation of an inventor. The inventor was inspired to make an artificial man due to the anthropomorphic appearance of his other inventions. He raised Edward as his son and tutored him in various subjects, but died while in the act of offering a pair of hands to Edward. Many years later, local Avon saleswoman Peg Boggs, after failing to make profits in her suburban neighborhood, visits a Gothic mansion on a hill. There, she finds Edward, and convinces him to have her take him in. Edward befriends Peg’s young son, Kevin and, after an initial misstep, her teenage daughter Kim.

Peg’s neighbors become thrilled at Edward’s masterful skills at hedge clipping and haircutting. However, two of the townspeople, a religious fanatic named Esmeralda and Kim’s jock boyfriend Jim, dislike him immediately. Joyce, a “lonely housewife”, suggests that Edward open a haircutting salon with her. While examining a proposed site, she attempts to seduce him, confusing Edward, who escapes the room in a state of panic. Edward attempts to bring up the subject of her actions while the family is having dinner, but no one reacts to the news.

Kim heads to the mansion and reunites with Edward. Jim follows them and battles Edward, and is eventually killed by him. Kim professes her love for Edward and convinces the townspeople that Edward and Jim killed each other in the fight. All the neighbors return to their homes, while Joyce is seen guilty for making up the rumor about Edward. The elderly woman from the beginning reappears, as she finishes telling her granddaughter the story. It is revealed that Edward is still alive and “creating snow” from his ice sculptures, which fall upon the valley below. The elderly woman reveals to her granddaughter that she is, in fact, Kim. She refuses to visit Edward because she wants Edward to remember her the way she was in her youth.


  • Directors: Otto Preminger
  • Producers: Otto Preminger
  • Writers: Novel, Vera Caspary, Screenplay, Jay Dratler, Samuel Hoffenstein, Elizabeth Reinhardt
  • Genres: Crime, Film-Noir, Mystery, Romance, Thriller
  • Actors: Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews, Clifton Webb, Vincent Price, Judith Anderson

New York police detective Mark McPherson (Dana Andrews) investigates the murder of a beautiful advertising director named Laura Hunt (Gene Tierney). He interviews acerbic newspaper columnist Waldo Lydecker (Clifton Webb), who relates how he met Laura. Lydecker became her mentor and used his considerable influence and fame to advance her career. McPherson also questions Laura’s fiancГ©, Shelby Carpenter (Vincent Price), her wealthy aunt, Ann Treadwell (Judith Anderson), and Laura’s loyal housekeeper, Bessie Clary (Dorothy Adams).

Through the testimony of her friends and the reading of her letters, McPherson comes to know Laura and slowly falls in love with her. He becomes obsessed — using the excuse of trying to solve the murder, he hangs around her apartment and is at one point accused by Lydecker of falling in love with a dead woman.

One night, he falls asleep under her portrait. He is awakened by the sound of someone entering the apartment. It is Laura. After recovering from the shock, McPherson determines that the murder victim was actually Diane Redfern, a model brought there by Carpenter while Laura was away in the country.

McPherson is pleased to discover that Laura is as lovable as he had imagined. Now it becomes even more urgent to unmask the murderer. He suspects that Lydecker is also in love with her and that he fatally mistook Redfern for her in his determination to keep her to himself. McPherson warns Laura not to let anybody in after he leaves, but Lydecker gets in anyway. Lydecker is about to kill Laura when McPherson returns just in time.