Die Hard 2

  • Directors: Renny Harlin
  • Producers: Charles Gordon, Lawrence Gordon, Joel Silver
  • Writers: Walter Wager, Steven E De Souza, Doug Richardson
  • Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller
  • Actors: Bruce Willis, Bonnie Bedelia, William Sadler, Reginald VelJohnson, John Leguizamo

John McClane, while waiting on Christmas Eve at Washington Dulles International Airport for his wife Holly to arrive from Los Angeles, spots a group of men dressed in army fatigues and passing a package between them. Following two of them into the baggage area, McClane ends up in a fight, killing one of them, but the other one escapes. McClane, believing that some scheme is about to happen, reports the incident to airport security, lead by Captain Carmine Lorenzo, but his concerns are ignored. McClane contacts his friend, LAPD Officer Al Powell, who helps him to identify the corpse as a professional elite soldier previously reported dead, confirming McClane’s suspicions.

Meanwhile, U.S. Army Colonel Stuart and his men have secured a small church near the airport, and sets up a base of operations. They are able to take over control of the airport’s air traffic control, preventing the tower from communicating with incoming planes. Stuart demands that they be allowed to rescue Ramon Esperanza, a drug lord and dictator of a South American country named Val Verde, being flown in to the United States for trial, as well as having a Boeing 747 prepared for Ramon, Stuart, and his men to leave the country. Stuart insists that any unauthorized attempt to communicate with the planes would be met with dire consequences. In the control tower, Leslie Barnes, communications director for the airport, comes up with the idea of using a radio in the unfinished airport annex; Barnes along with a SWAT team move towards the annex. McClane overhears this, and with the help of Marvin the janitor, tries to get to the annex before Barnes, expecting there to be a trap. McClane’s intuition proves correct as the SWAT team is killed in a gunfight, but McClane is able to arrive in time to save Barnes’ life. Before Barnes can get to the radio tower, Stuart blows it up and then fulfills his promise by altering the altitude reading on one of the arriving plane’s Instrument Landing System, taking the guise of the Dulles’ control tower to give the plane permission to land. Despite McClane’s efforts to warn off the plane on the ground, the plane, unable to see the ground due to poor visibility, crashes into the runway, killing all on board.

Lorenzo decides to drive McClane to the plane to stop the mercenaries and Esperanza from escaping, but the panicking crowds along with traffic prompts McClane to go on his own. Soon however, McClane comes across a local news team reporting the story that was willing to get him to the plane aboard their helicopter. McClane is able to get onto the wing of Stuart’s plane with their help, and attempts to prevent it from taking off by wedging open the flaps. Stuart and Major Grant go onto the wing to remove the blockage. However, McClane fights with Grant, getting him sucked into one of the plane’s engines and killed, but Stuart easily thrashes McClane. But before being thrown off the wing, McClane manages to open the fuel tanks on the wing, spilling a trail of jet fuel along the runway. Just as the plane takes off, McClane ignites the fuel trail with his cigarette lighter, causing the plane to explode, killing everyone on board. The planes overhead, including Holly’s, use the flaming trail as their landing lights, and all the planes are able to land safely. McClane reunites with Holly, Thornburg, for his beyond extreme selfishness and not caring about the lives he put at risk, is fired (off-screen), and John and Holly are driven off together by Marvin.

The Flintstones

  • Directors: Brian Levant
  • Producers: Bruce Cohen
  • Writers: Tom S Parker, Jim Jennewein, Steven E de Souza
  • Genres: Comedy, Crime, Family
  • Actors: John Goodman, Rick Moranis, Elizabeth Perkins, Kyle MacLachlan, Rosie O Donnell, Halle Berry, Elizabeth Taylor

Cliff Vandercave, the Executive Vice President of Industrial Procurement at Slate & Co., plans to appoint a Vice President of his division to frame for a crime. To find one, he makes an exam to give to the quarry operators, among whom are Barney Rubble and Fred Flintstone. Fred loans Barney money so he and his wife, Betty can adopt a child. They adopt a caveboy named Bamm-Bamm. Barney appreciates what Fred did for him and is determined to pay him back. While taking the exams, Fred fails it, and is disappointed since he will not be able to give his wife, Wilma the wealthy life she used to have. Barney takes Fred’s exam up for him and notices how poorly he did. To pay him back for giving him the money to adopt Bamm-Bamm, he swaps his exam with Fred’s and Fred is promoted to Vice President.

On Fred’s first day as an executive, Cliff brings him to his new office, where he meets Sharon Stone, Cliff’s assistant. Stone seduces Fred and tells him she will do whatever he desires. Fred is then introduced to the dictabird. Cliff orders Fred to fire Barney because of his exam score, and he (very reluctantly and sadly) fires Barney at the Rubbles’ surprise party, but does his best to help Barney afterwards with financial problems. Cliff proposes a new machine that will do all of the quarry work and increase the company’s income. However, Fred is concerned about the operators losing their jobs. Cliff plans to have a fake version of the machine built and flee with the money gained from the machine, and frame Fred for it. Cliff orders Stone to give Fred the forms, but he is against the idea. To get him to sign the forms, Miss Stone once again seduces Fred, but Wilma walks in on them this time.

The film ends with a live-action montage of the animated series’ closing credits.

Die Hard

  • Directors: John McTiernan
  • Producers: Lawrence Gordon, Joel Silver, Charles Gordon, Beau Marks
  • Writers: Novel, Roderick Thorp, Screenplay, Jeb Stuart, Steven E de Souza
  • Genres: Action, Thriller
  • Actors: Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman, Bonnie Bedelia, Alexander Godunov, Reginald VelJohnson, Paul Gleason

John McClane, a detective with the New York City Police Department, arrives in Los Angeles on Christmas Eve to try to reconcile with his estranged wife, Holly Gerraro. McClane is driven to the Nakatomi Plaza building at Holly’s company’s expense by a limo drier named Argyle. McClane is welcomed to their Christmas party and takes a moment to refresh himself from the flight in a bathroom. The party is disrupted by the arrival of a dozen terrorists led by Hans Gruber who quickly secure the party goers as hostages. McClane quietly slips into the ventilation system before he is discovered to try to learn more, and discover that Gruber is simply trying to steal $640 million in bearer bonds from the Nakatomi vault. When the Nakatomi president Joseph Takagi refuses to reveal the passcodes to the vault, Gruber kills him, and then orders Theo, his technical man, to begin breaking through all but the final electromagnetic lock on the vault, promising that he will handle the last lock.

McClane quietly moves through the building, killing terrorists that he encounters, and learns more of their motives while acquiring a two-way radio, C4 explosives and detonators off the body of one terrorist he kills. McClane manages to use the radio to attract the attention of LAPD Sergeant Al Powell and uses a terrorist corpse dropped onto his patrol car to convince him that something is amiss. McClane uses the pseudonym “Roy Rogers” to avoid revealing his identity to the terrorists while explaining the situation to Powell as the police and SWAT team arrive. McClane and Powell are unable to prevent the SWAT team from entering an ambush set by the terrorists, but McClane manages to minimize the damage by sending some C4 explosive down the elevator shaft to wipe out the terrorists firing on the SWAT team. McClane refuses to reveal himself when Gruber threatens and proceeds to kill Harry Ellis, one of Holly’s coworkers who tried to negotiate a deal for his release. The Federal Bureau of Investigation arrive, and order power to the Plaza shut down. Gruber reveals this was his plan all along as the final electromagnetic lock on the vault is disengaged, and Theo begins to collect the bonds.

McClane and Holly are escorted out of the building and meet Powell in person. When one of the terrorists is found still alive and bearing down on McClane, Powell fires and kills him. When Thornburg and his crew arrive to get the exclusive story, Holly punches him in the face. McClane and Holly are driven off by Argyle.