She s Out of My League

  • Directors: Jim Field Smith
  • Producers: Jimmy Miller, David Householter, George Gatins
  • Writers: Sean Anders, John Morris
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance
  • Actors: Jay Baruchel, Alice Eve

Kirk (Jay Baruchel) works at the Pittsburgh International Airport as a Transportation Security Administration officer and has very few goals in life other than trying to get back together with his evil ex-girlfriend Marnie (Lindsay Sloane). Then he meets smart, sexy, charming Molly (Alice Eve) and, contrary to all expectations, starts dating her. But his initial excitement turns to panic as his insecurities and the advice of family and friends threaten to ruin the relationship. Even Kirk isn’t exactly sure what Molly sees in him, though he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make the relationship work. With his friends, family, and ex-girlfriend all watching stunned from the sidelines, Kirk discovers that he’ll have to work overtime in order to convince Molly that he’s worth hanging on to.

Sex Drive

  • Directors: Sean Anders
  • Producers: Bob Levy, Leslie Morgenstein, John Morris, Michael Nelson
  • Writers: Sean Anders, Andy Behrens, John Morris
  • Genres: Comedy
  • Actors: Josh Zuckerman, Clark Duke, Amanda Crew, James Marsden, Seth Green

Ian Lafferty (Josh Zuckerman) is an 18-year-old recent high school graduate. He searches for a girl online making it look as if he’s buff and suave, although he’s sweet and unassuming. He soon meets “Ms. Tasty” (Katrina Bowden) and agrees to meet her in person. She lives in Knoxville, while he lives in Brookfield. With his best friends Lance (Clark Duke) and Felicia (Amanda Crew), they go in a Pontiac GTO Judge borrowed without permission from Ian’s arrogant homophobic older brother Rex (James Marsden).

On the way to Knoxville, they come across a hitchhiker (David Koechner), as the radiator in the Judge overheats. They attempt urinating in the radiator, which only works briefly as they try to leave the hitchhiker in the dust. The hitchhiker, frustrated at Ian’s lack of concern for his well being, leaves. As Ian and Felicia wander to find help, Lance is waiting with the car as Ezekiel (Seth Green) happens by in his horse-drawn buggy. Ezekiel and his Amish buddies repair the car while they join a Rumspringa party where Fall Out Boy is playing a concert and at which Lance meets an attractive Amish girl, Mary (Alice Greczyn). The three promise to come again on the way back to do some work in return.

They go to jail due to Ian throwing a tire iron into a state trooper car (due to his increasing frustration at trying to put a opossum he hit out its misery), and are released after Mary pays the bail. They find a hotel that sports a wide variety of role playing rooms. Rex arrives angrily and insists that they go back and that Ian cannot visit Ms. Tasty. After Ian pretends to be gay, Rex allows him to see Ms. Tasty, hoping this encounter will change Ian’s mind. However, they are scammed by Ms. Tasty and her psychotic boyfriend, who apparently do this to steal cars for chop shops. Ian saves the day, Ms. Tasty and her boyfriend are arrested, and Ian and Felicia realize they love each other. Lance refuses to go back home at the end of the trip and stays behind to marry Mary. Ian gives his virginity to Felicia, who both reveal their love for each other at the end of the film. Also we learn Rex’s latent homophobia stemmed from the fact that he was harboring his own homosexuality. At the end of the film, a picture is shown of Lance and Mary being married, accompanied by Ian and Felicia. He’s shown sporting a beard much like Ezekiel. During the credits there is a clip of Ezekiel and Fall Out Boy arguing over the fact that the Amish fixed Fall Out Boy’s tour bus and all that they got in return was “a five song set.”