Willy Wonka the Chocolate Factory

  • Directors: Mel Stuart
  • Producers: David L Wolper, Stan Margulies
  • Writers: Roald Dahl, David Seltzer
  • Genres: Family, Musical, Fantasy, Comedy
  • Actors: Gene Wilder, Jack Albertson, Peter Ostrum

Charlie Bucket is a poor boy living with his widowed mother and four bedridden grandparents in a tiny house. Charlie supplements the meager family income by delivering newspapers after school. The family, along with the rest of the world, learns that the chocolate maker, Mr Willy Wonka, has hidden five Golden Tickets amongst his Wonka Bars. The finders of these special tickets will be given a full tour of his world-renowned but tightly-guarded candy factory, as well as a lifetime supply of chocolate. Charlie wants to take part in the search, but cannot afford to buy vast quantities of chocolate like most other participants. Soon, four of the tickets are found by, respectively, Augustus Gloop, a gluttonous German boy; Veruca Salt, a spoiled British girl; Violet Beauregarde, a gum-chomping American girl; and Mike Teevee, a television-obsessed American boy. As they find their tickets, a sinister-looking man is observed whispering something in their ears, to which they listen attentively despite their preoccupations with their particular obsessions. Charlie’s hopes are dashed when news breaks out that the final ticket has been found by a Paraguayan millionaire.

The next day, as the Golden Ticket craze dies down, Charlie finds a silver coin in a gutter and uses it to buy a Wonka Bar. Simultaneously, word spreads that the ticket found by the millionaire was forged. When Charlie opens the bar, he finds the true final ticket inside, and races home to tell his family. He is stopped along the way by the same man who had been seen silently talking to the other four winners. The man introduces himself as Arthur Slugworth, a rival confectioner who attempts to pay Charlie for a sample of Wonka’s latest creation, the Everlasting Gobstopper.

Wonka, Charlie and Grandpa Joe enter the “Wonkavator”, a multidirectional glass elevator, and fly out of the factory in it. As they soar over the village, Wonka tells Charlie that his actual prize is not a lifetime chocolate supply, per se, but the factory itself, as the Golden Ticket search was conceived to help Wonka search for an honest and worthy child to be the heir to his chocolate empire. Charlie and his family will reside in the factory, and eventually take over its operation when he retires. The film ends with the Wonkavator sailing off into the sky.