• Directors: Paul Solet
  • Producers:
  • Writers: Paul Solet
  • Genres: Drama, Horror, Thriller
  • Actors: Jordan Ladd, Gabrielle Rose, Stephen Park

The film opens with Michael making love to a seemingly indifferent Madeline. A later scene shows a pregnant Madeline and Michael eating an organic dinner with his disapproving mother Vivian. Madeline and Vivian disagree over Madeline’s choice to be vegan, with Vivian making remarks over a mother that tried to force her baby to a vegan diet. Vivian also dislikes Madeline’s idea of choosing the midwife Patricia over a family friend, Dr. Sohn. Michael tries to come between them with the remainder of the dinner being in awkward silence. A later scene shifts to Madeline and Michael visiting Patricia’s midwifery suite, with Michael showing signs of agreeing with his mother’s decisions.

One night Madeline begins to experience chest pains and is rushed to the hospital by Michael. Dr. Sohn is called to the hospital by Vivian and wants to induce labor, thinking that the baby is in danger. Madeline urges Michael to call Patricia, which he eventually does. Patricia appears just as the inducement drugs are to be given and demands to see the results of various tests, which eventually proves that inducing labor is not a necessity. On the way home from the hospital Michael gets into a car accident which leaves both him and the unborn baby dead.

The movie then cuts to a scene of a moving RV as it travels through a dusty stretch of road. The driver of the RV is shown to be Patricia, sporting a different haircut. As she pulls into a remote gas station Patricia walks to the back of the RV, revealing Madeline (who is also shown to have a different haircut) and Grace. Telling Madeline that she looks better, Patricia tells her that with a proper diet the two of them should be able to feed Grace and survive. Madeline then tells Patricia that they have a problem, saying that Grace now needs more than blood. Pulling back her shirt to reveal that part of her breast has been gnawed off by Grace, Madeline tells Patricia that Grace is now teething.