Daddy Long Legs

  • Directors: Marshall Neilan
  • Producers: Mary Pickford
  • Writers: Jean Webster, Agnes Christine Johnston
  • Genres: Comedy, Drama
  • Actors: Mary Pickford, Milla Davenport, Mahlon Hamilton

A police officer finds a baby in a trash can, and Mrs. Lippett, the cruel matron at an orphanage where children are made to work, names her “Jerusha Abbott” (she picks “Abbot” out of a phone book and gets “Jerusha” from a tombstone). The orphan, who comes to be called Judy, does what she can to stand up for the younger children, frequently clashing with both Mrs. Lippett and the cold hearted trustees. At one point she leads a rebellion against being served prunes with every meal and at another, steals a doll from a selfish rich girl to lend to a dying orphan.

Years later, wealthy Jervis Pendleton, a mysterious benefactor, pays to send Judy, now the oldest and most talented child in the orphanage, to college. He insists, however, that Judy must never try to contact him in person. Judy calls him “Daddy-Long-Legs,” and writes to him, however. Judy proves popular with her wealthier and more “aristocratic” classmates, and writes a successful book to repay “Daddy-Long-Legs” the money he spent on her. She is generally happy but misses not having any real family members to take pride in her accomplishments. Judy also finds herself caught up in a romantic triangle with the older brother of a classmate and an older man (who is, unknown to her, her mysterious benefactor). She eventually chooses the older suitor and is delighted to learn that he is her “Daddy-Long-Legs.”


  • Directors: James Kirkwood Sr
  • Producers:
  • Writers: Charles Perrault
  • Genres: Fantasy, Drama
  • Actors: Mary Pickford

Cinderella is a young girl who lives with her stepmother and stepsisters. They treat her like garbage and use her as the house maid. Cinderella thinks she’s all alone in the world, but doesn’t know a fairy godmother is constantly helping her. One day, she is collecting wood from the forest and meets Prince Charming. They immediately fall in love with each other, but lose contact. Soon, a ball is arranged by the prince to look for his future wife. The stepsisters think they make a great chance in being chosen by the prince. Cinderella wants to go as well, but isn’t allowed to by her cruel family.

The sisters go to a fortune teller, who announces a member of the family will be chosen by the prince. The sisters are delighted and think it will be one of the two of them. When they leave for the ball, Cinderella is left behind. The fairy godmother appears and asks if she wants to go to the ball as well. When Cinderella responds positively, the fairy godmother orders her to bring her the biggest pumpkin she can find. Cinderella does so and the fairy godmother changes it into a luxurous stage coach. She next asks for the smallest mice she can find. Cinderella brings her some mice from the house and the fairy godmother changes them into horses.

In the final scene, the fairy godmother appears and blesses her. Cinderella and Prince Charming live happily ever after.

The Little American

  • Directors: Cecil B DeMille, Joseph Levering
  • Producers: Cecil B DeMille, Mary Pickford
  • Writers: Cecil B DeMille, Clarence J Harris, Jeanie MacPherson
  • Genres: Action, Drama, History, Romance, War
  • Actors: Mary Pickford

Karl Von Austreim (Jack Holt) is a subject of the German Emperor and lives in America with his German father and American mother. He notices a young lady, who is revealed to be a little American, named Angela Moore (Mary Pickford). As she is celebrating her birthday on the Fourth of July of 1914, she receives flowers from the French Count Jules De Destin (Raymond Hatton). They are interrupted by Karl, who also gives her a present. They soon battle for Angela’s attention. To lose his competition, Count Jules arranges for Karl to be sent on the Imperator for Hamburg, where he will have to join his regiment. Angela is crushed when he announces he will have to leave. The next day, Angela reads in the paper the Germans and French are at war and 10,000 Germans have been killed already.

Three months pass by without having heard from Karl. Overseas, Karl is wounded in the war. Germany has its own problems when they find out about spies selling munitions to the enemy. Word spreads out all boats which is thought to be selling munitions to enemies, will be sunk. Angela happens to be on one of those boats, where she was attending a party. While the ship is sinking, passengers try to escape by jumping in the water. Angela saves herself by climbing on a floating table and begs for the attacking captains not to fire at them. She does this with success, as the captains assure her they will send patrol officers to pick them up. Although being tired, Angela is finally saved.

Angela secretly calls the French with the hidden telephone and informs them that there are three gun holders near the chateau. The French prepare themselves and attack the Germans. The Germans realize someone is giving the French information and Karl catches Angela. The fellow soldiers meanwhile are looking for the spy. Karl tries to help Angela flee, but they are caught and Angela is captured. The commander orders the soldiers to shoot Angela. Karl tries to save her, but is now ordered to be shot as well for treason. As they face their death, the French bomb the mansion. Angela and Karl both survive and try to escape the town. However, they are too weak to run and both collapse near a statue of Jesus. The next day, they are found by the French soldiers. They initially order Karl to be shot, but Angela begs them to set him free. They eventually grant her to fly back to America with Karl by her side as a German prisoner.

Heart o the Hills

  • Directors: Joseph De Grasse, Sidney Franklin
  • Producers:
  • Writers: John Fox Jr, Bernard McConville
  • Genres: Drama, Romance
  • Actors: Mary Pickford

Jason Honeycutt (Harold Goodwin) is a young boy who lives with his stepfather chief Steve Honeycutt (Sam De Grasse) at the ancestral Honeycutt’s home. One day the chief is looking for the 13-year-old mountain girl Mavis Hawn (Mary Pickford), who is shooting bullets in the woods. Mavis desires for revenge after a few gang members tornished her home and shot and killed her father. One of her only friends is geologist and school teacher John Burnham (Fred Warren). He suggests her to get an education instead of teaching herself to use a gun.

Chief Honeycutt visits Mavis’ widowed mother Martha Hawn (Claire McDowell) and flirts with her. Meanwhile, Mavis is fishing at a pond near her home with Jason. He reveals his stepfather is manipulating Martha into granting him her land. When a group of planters and capitalisters come to the town with the intention to exploit mountain coal lands, Mavis scares them away with her gun. She and Jason later run into the rich aristocrat Gray Pendleton (John Gilbert) and his sweetheart Marjorie Lee (Betty Bouton), who are looking for the town.

Back at home, Mavis is disappointed Steve is still there. Later that night, Mavis visits a party and meets Gray for the second time. He flirts with her, which makes Jason jealous. Gray forces himself up to Mavis, which makes her upset and angry. She leaves the party and finds out her mother has left her to marry Steve. She decides to marry as well and proposes to Jason. However, they soon find out they are too young.

Six years pass. Mavis has been adopted by the rich Colonel Pendleton (W.H. Bainbridge). One day she receives a letter from her mother, announcing she is getting old and will most-likely die soon. She decides to visit her mom and finds out Steve killed her father. He has become violent and takes it out on Martha. Mavis tries to help her and shoots Steve. Martha survives the incident and takes Mavis in to live with her. Mavis is reunited with a grown-up Jason and they marry.

Stella Maris

  • Directors: Marshall Neilan
  • Producers:
  • Writers: William J Locke, Frances Marion
  • Genres: Drama
  • Actors: Mary Pickford

Stella Maris (Mary Pickford) was born paralyzed and is unable to walk. Her wealthy parents try to prevent her from being exposed to all the bad that is happening in the world. She is not allowed to leave her room in a London mansion and is bound to her bed. Her door even has a sign on it which says: “All unhappiness and world wisdom leave outside. Those without smiles need not enter.” [2] Stella has no idea a war is going on in the world and that there are poor and hungry people.

John Risca (Conway Tearle) is a well-known journalist and a friend of the family. He has been unhappily married to Louise for six years now and frequently visits Stella. John wants Stella to think he is perfect and lies about being married. Louise, meanwhile, wants a servant in her house and hires orphan Unity Blake (also Mary Pickford). Unity is uneducated and has been deprived and mistreated for her entire life. This resulted in her being afraid of everyone.

One night, a drunk Louise gives Unity the order to get some groceries from the supermarket. Unity does as told and on her way back, the food is stolen by kids. She returns to the home only to get beaten up by an outraged Louise. Unity is severely hurt and Louise gets arrested. It is announced she will have to serve three years in prison. John is kinder to Unity and adopts her. Unity is very grateful and falls in love with him. John himself is only interested in Stella. John wishes Unity to be raised at the Blount’s residence, but they don’t want her. They prevent her from meeting Stella, fearing Stella will notice there are suffering people in the world. They finally convince John to raise Unity at Aunt Gladys’ house.

Meanwhile, Unity wants to do John a favor by killing Louise. She realizes she and John never can be a couple and writes him a note which says he should get together with Stella. She next kills herself, making the police think it was a revenge murder. John is reunited with Stella and they marry.