Samson and Delilah

  • Directors: Cecil B DeMille
  • Producers: Cecil B DeMille
  • Writers: Fredric M Frank, Vladimir Jabotinsky, Harold Lamb, Jesse Lasky Jr
  • Genres: Drama, History, Romance
  • Actors:

Samson, a Hebrew placed under Nazirite vows from birth by his mother, is engaged to a Philistine woman named Semadar. During a fight at their wedding feast, Semadar is killed and Samson becomes a hunted man. Shortly after the death of Semedar, the Saran of Gaza (Sanders) imposes heavy taxes on the Dannites, with the purpose of having Samson betrayed by his own people. Saran’s plan works and frustrated Dannites hand over Samson to the Philistines. News of his capture reaches Saran and Delilah, Semadar’s sister, and they are pleased to hear that the mighty Samson was captured.

Samson is taken by the high priest Ahur (Wilcoxon) and a regiment of Philistine troops. En route back to Gaza, Ahtur decides to taunt Samson. Ahtur stops his march in a valley. Here Samson prays to God, asking for strength against the Philistines. Then the wind starts blowing and thunder crashes. Samson then rips apart his chains and ropes and begins to combat the Philistines. At first he fights in hand-to-hand combat, killing a few Philistines and even toppling Ahtur’s war chariot, breaking Ahthur’s arm in the act. Samson then takes the jawbone of an ass and starts killing more and more Philistines. The sheer power of Samson and his strikes with the jawbone destroy the helmets of the Philistines, crushing their skulls. In the end the Philistine force is destroyed.

However, before he does, he says these final words: “My eyes have seen thy glory, oh Lord. Now let me die with my enemies.” Samson topples the second pillar. Immediately the colossal statue of Dagon, which was supported by those two pillars, begins falling. Seeing their impending doom, many decide to run. Then the whole support of the statue of Dagon crumbles and the statue comes crashing down, falling on the upper levels on the temple, where some were situated. Saran decides not to run despite the warnings of his subjects; he just lifts his wine and says “Delilah” as the statue falls on him. Portions of the crumbling temple begin to fall, crushing many. Some die as they jump from the upper levels to avoid the statue. In the end the temple lies in rubble. Among the rubble lie hundreds of dead Philistines, including Saran and Ahtur. Samson lies among these, having completed his mission.