• Directors: Ulli Lommel
  • Producers: Ulli Lommel, Jeff Frentzen, Nola Roeper
  • Writers: Ulli Lommel
  • Genres: Horror
  • Actors: Trevor Parsons, Jillian Swanson, Michael Barbour, Danielle Petty

A young woman named Noelle (Jillian Swanson) lies dying in a prison hospital bed after being severely beaten by female inmates. Police detectives interview her, pressing her for her account of the events that lead to her incarceration. In a flashback, she thought she found her soul mate online when she met Adam (Trevor Parsons). Eventually, they fall madly in love. Something about Adam isn’t quite right, though, when he insists that Noelle eat him in order for them to be “truly one.” Knowing his request is insane, she refuses and even stops taking his calls. However, Noelle finally gives in to his request. They drive out to the desert and bunk down in a warehouse. Noelle does the deed, cooks his innards, eats him, and then steps out for a smoke. A man shows up at the warehouse looking for old furniture, wanders into the grisly scene, and calls the police.