The Hot Chick

  • Directors: Tom Brady
  • Producers: Guy Riedel, Adam Sandler
  • Writers: Tom Brady, Rob Schneider
  • Genres: Comedy, Fantasy
  • Actors: Rob Schneider, Rachel McAdams, Anna Faris, Matthew Lawrence, Eric Christian Olsen, Sam Doumit, Adam Sandler

The film begins in an Abyssinian castle in 50 BC, where a princess uses a pair of enchanted earrings to escape an arranged marriage by swapping bodies with a slave girl. When each woman wears one of the earrings, their bodies are magically swapped while their minds remain in place.

The rest of the film is set in the modern-day suburban home of Jessica Spencer (McAdams), the beautiful but selfish “hot chick” of the film’s title. Jessica’s closest friends are April (Faris), Keecia (Murray), and Lulu (Holden). April is Jessica’s best friend, and all four girls are cheerleaders. At school one day, Jessica makes fun of an overweight girl named Hildenburg (Kuhlmann) and a Wiccan girl named Eden (Doumit). After that, Jessica and her friends visit the local mall, where Jessica gets her rival Bianca (Laas) into trouble and finds the earrings in an African-themed store. The earrings are not for sale, so Jessica steals them.

Shortly afterward, a small-time criminal named Clive (Schneider) robs a nearby gas station. When Jessica and her friends stop there and mistake him for an employee, he services their car to avoid raising suspicion. Jessica accidentally drops one of the earrings on the ground, the girls drive away, and Clive picks up the earring. That evening, in their respective homes, Jessica and Clive put on their earrings. When they wake up the next morning, each of them is trapped in the other’s body. This is especially difficult for Jessica, who has a cheering competition and the school prom coming up soon.

During this time, Clive has been using Jessica’s body to make money from men, including Billy, who gives him his money and car, believing he is Jessica. On the evening of the prom, Hildenburg sees a video of Clive robbing a man on the TV news, goes to the scene of the crime, and finds a business card for the club where Clive works as a pole dancer. She informs Jessica at the prom, and the girls go to the club. When they find Clive, Jessica steals his earring and puts it on herself along with the other one. With the two earrings now on the same person, Jessica’s and Clive’s bodies return to their original owners. After Jessica makes up with Billy, the film ends with the school’s graduation ceremony, followed by a scene in which Clive, running from the law and still dressed in lingerie, is abducted by a bartender who believes he is a homosexual.

The Back Up Plan

  • Directors: Alan Poul
  • Producers: Todd Black Rodney Liber
  • Writers: Kate Angelo
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance
  • Actors: Jennifer Lopez, Alex O Loughlin, Noureen DeWulf, Melissa McCarthy, Eric Christian Olsen

Zoe (Jennifer Lopez) has given up on finding the right one. Destined to become pregnant, she creates a plan, makes an appointment and decides to go it alone. On the day of her artificial insemination, Zoe meets Stan (Alex O’Loughlin) a man worth dating.

Trying to nurture a budding relationship and hide the early signs of pregnancy becomes a comedy of errors for Zoe and creates confusing signals for Stan. When Zoe nervously reveals the reason for her unpredictable behavior, Stan commits fully and says hes willing to support her.

Never before has love seen a courtship where a wild night of sex involves three in a bed Stan, Zoe and the ever-present massive pregnancy pillow. Or, where date night consists of being the focal point at a near-strangers water birth which does for kiddie pools what Jaws did for swimming in the ocean. The real pregnancy test comes when both of them realize they really dont know each other outside of hormonal chaos and birth preparations. With the nine month clocking ticking, both begin to experience cold feet. Anyone can fall in love, get married and have a baby but doing it backwards in hyper-drive could be proof positive that they were made for each other.


  • Directors: Jay Chandrasekhar
  • Producers: Michael Beugg, Bill Gerber, Steve Lemme, Richard Perello, Erik Stolhanske
  • Writers: Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter, Erik Stolhanske
  • Genres: Comedy
  • Actors: Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter, Erik Stolhanske, Will Forte, Ralf Moeller, Eric Christian Olsen, Nat Faxon, Mo Nique, and Cloris Leachman, Cameo appearances, Donald Sutherland, Daniel Poyner, Willie Nelson

At the funeral of their German-born grandfather Johann von Wolfhausen (Donald Sutherland), brothers Jan and Todd Wolfhouse (Paul Soter and Erik Stolhanske) discover that family tradition demands they travel to Munich during Oktoberfest to spread his ashes on the Theresienwiese.

Their great-grandmother, Gam Gam (Cloris Leachman), gives them two tickets to Munich, where a Mr. Schniedelwichsen (Bjorn Johnson) will take them to the family resting place. While waiting for Schniedelwichsen after their arrival, the brothers unintentionally start a brawl that takes down an entire Oktoberfest tent.

Schniedelwichsen leads Jan and Todd to Beerfest, an underground drinking game tournament run by Baron Wolfgang von Wolfhausen (Jürgen Prochnow). The triumphant German national team is furious that Schniedelwichsen would bring outsiders to the contest, so he is shot. Jan and Todd discover that the von Wolfhausens are related to the Wolfhouses. The German team reveals that Johann was a stable boy who stole the recipe for “the greatest beer in all the world” decades ago and ran away with his prostitute mother, Gam Gam. The Germans celebrate an easy win over Jan and Todd in a drinking contest by urging the audience to pelt Jan and Todd with vegetables, destroying the urn containing their grandfather’s ashes, and spilling them all over the brothers.

The team celebrates in Amsterdam, where they bump into Willie Nelson (in a cameo role). Because Willie’s marijuana-smoking tournament teammates, Cheech and Chong, were not able to attend the contest, Nelson invites the Beerfest team to join him and they gladly do so. The film ends with a smoke-filled screen and the words “Coming Soon – Potfest”.

Fired Up

  • Directors: Will Gluck
  • Producers: Will Gluck, Matthew Gross, Paddy Cullen
  • Writers: Freedom Jones
  • Genres: Comedy
  • Actors: Sarah Roemer, Nicholas D Agosto, Eric Christian Olsen, David Walton

The movie opens with Shawn (Nicholas D’Agosto) and Nick (Eric Christian Olsen) making out with two girls, only to be chased off by the ladies’ fathers. The movie then shifts to Nick and Shawn playing a spring game and are distracted by the female cheerleaders who are not very good. Nick and Shawn go to a bonfire party where they learn about an upcoming cheer camp, which supposedly will be attended by over 300 girls. They want to go, but they have to go to football camp for two weeks that overlap with cheer camp. They decide to quit the football team and join the cheerleading squad, so they can get with the cheerleaders at camp. They seek the help of Shawn’s sister, Poppy, to get them on the squad, in exchange for Shawn’s bedroom. They show off by throwing a frisbee into a tree and throwing Poppy up to get the frisbee. Carly (Sarah Roemer), the head cheerleader, is against that idea of having the boys on the team, but after the cheerleader coach sees their “spirit”, she is forced by the other squad members to put them on the team.

They go to cheer camp and it begins as quest to get girls, but they find out that they are good at cheering, and they really care for the other squad members. Shawn begins to fall in love with Carly, but is disappointed when he finds out she is dating a guy named Rick (David Walton), who likes to call himself “Dr. Rick” because he is a freshmen pre-med student. Nick falls for Diora (Molly Sims), the cheerleader coach’s wife, and spends much time trying to get her in bed with him. Dr. Rick decides he doesn’t like Shawn being with Carly all the time, so he and his friends decide to ruin their plans and expose them as liars. He finds their bus tickets and shows them to Carly and the rest of the squad, and they get kicked off the team. He also reads some of Nick’s diary out loud, which is overheard by Diora. She tells him to meet her after the cheer competition in the field to read her more of his diary and to have sex. They go to a football team member’s party, and realize that they no longer enjoy the drunken parties of their peers. They actually enjoyed being a part of the team, and that they want to be there for the girls and try to win the cheer competition.

They manage to get back on the team, and compete in the competition against the Panthers, the best team at the competition, and 27 other teams. They worked hard, but the team didn’t have the same ability as the Panthers. At the end of their routine, Carly sees Rick kissing the captain of the Panthers, so she and Shawn decide to try the “Fountain of Troy”, said to be the most difficult and dangerous cheer move ever created. They complete it cleanly, but instead of back-fliping twice like Carly, Shawn backflips three times, and lands in a shallow pool of water. The squad believes he is seriously injured, but he gets up and finishes the move, only to fall over again. Shawn later wakes up to Carly, who explains they placed 19th. They would have placed 3rd, had it not been for the prohibited Fountain of Troy move, which they lost points for. Still, Carly is satisfied as it is ten places higher than than they were the previous year. Shawn and Carly kiss, and Rick sees them. He confronts them, and attempts to punch Shawn, but Nick steps in and takes the hit. Rick is then attacked by another cheerleader and finally leaves. Later that night, Nick meets Diora in the field. As the two are preparing to have sex, Diora’s husband pulls up in his golf cart and almost catches them. The movie ends with Nick having to cheer in the nude in front of him.