Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

  • Directors: Sara Sugarman
  • Producers: Robert Shapiro, Matthew Hart
  • Writers: Gail Parent, Dyan Sheldon
  • Genres: Comedy, Family, Music, Romance
  • Actors: Lindsay Lohan, Adam Garcia, Glenne Headly, Alison Pill, Eli Marienthal, Carol Kane, Megan Fox

The film is about Mary “Lola” Cep[3][4] (pronounced as both “sep” and “step” in the film) (Lindsay Lohan), a 15-year-old girl who grew up in New York City and wants desperately to be a famous Broadway actress. Lola narrates the story. Much to her chagrin, she moves with her family to the suburbs of Dellwood, New Jersey, but she confidently tells the audience “A legend is about to be born. That legend would be me.”

At school, Lola makes friends with an unpopular girl named Ella Gerard (Alison Pill), who shares her love for the rock band Sidarthar. Lola idolizes the band’s lead singer Stu Wolf (Adam Garcia). She also meets Sam, a cute boy who takes a liking to her, and makes enemies with Carla Santini (Megan Fox), the most popular girl in school.

When Lola auditions for the school play, a modernized musical version of Pygmalion called “Eliza Rocks”, she is chosen over Carla to play Eliza, and Carla promises to make her life miserable. Lola also beats Carla on a dancing video game at an arcade, where Carla reveals that she has tickets to the farewell concert of Sidarthar, who recently decided to break up. Afraid of being one-upped by Carla, Lola falsely claims that she and Ella have tickets too. She loses her chance to buy tickets and new clothes when her mother takes away her allowance, and the concert is sold out by the time she persuades Ella to pay for the tickets. But Lola explains that they can buy tickets from a scalper, and she gets Sam to sneak Eliza’s dress out of the costume room for her to wear at the concert.

Afterward, Lola goes home, depressed, and refuses to perform in the play, but she is spurred on by Ella’s encouragement and arrives backstage just in time to prevent Carla from taking over her part. As she is about to go on stage, her mother wishes her good luck and finally calls her by her nickname “Lola”. After a great performance, the cast goes to an after-party at Carla’s house, where Stu Wolf arrives to see Lola. Carla tries to save herself from humiliation by saying he is there to see her, but is proved wrong when Stu gives Lola her necklace in front of everyone. As Carla’s lies become apparent, she backs away from the crowd on the verge of tears and falls into a fountain, greeted by everyone’s laughter. In a conciliatory gesture, Lola helps her up, and Carla accepts defeat. After dancing with Stu, Lola dances with Sam and they eventually share a kiss, ending the film.

The Iron Giant

  • Directors: Brad Bird
  • Producers: Pete Townshend, Des McAnuff, Allison Abbate, John Walker
  • Writers: Ted Hughes title The Iron Man The Iron Man, Brad Bird, Tim McCanlies
  • Genres: Animation, Adventure, Family, Sci-Fi
  • Actors: Eli Marienthal, Jennifer Aniston, Harry Connick Jr, Vin Diesel, Christopher McDonald, John Mahoney

In 1957, a giant metal robot crash-lands just off the coast of Rockwell, Maine. It is seen by a man in a boat, who narrowly survives. After the big metal man eats a television antenna from a house dangerously close to the woods, the boy who lives there, Hogarth Hughes, follows its huge footprints into the dense forest. There, the giant becomes entangled in wires at a power station, electrocuting it. Hogarth shuts off the power, saving the robot. The next day he finds the robot again, and it follows him to his house. On the way, the Giant discovers train tracks. He attempts to eat them, but Hogarth explains that train tracks are off limits. While trying to fix the tracks, an upcoming train collides with the Giant. Hogarth panics, as the collision caused the robot to lose its arm and a jaw bolt, but he realizes that the Giant is assembling itself back together because of an apparent repair signal from its head. Meanwhile, Kent Mansley, a pompous, self-centered and paranoid U.S. Government agent, arrives in town to investigate the sightings and stories amongst the citizens.

Hogarth hides the Giant in his barn, showing it comic books depicting Superman, an alien visitor who becomes a hero. Mansley, having investigated the wrecked power station and the train wreck, later arrives at their doorstep to ask if he could use their telephone to phone General Rogard about the information he collected. Masnley becomes suspicious of Hogarth after seeing a BB gun with Hogarth’s name on it in the woods, and rents a room in the Hughes’ house. Trying to keep Mansley from discovering the Giant, Hogarth is able to convince a beatnik metal artist named Dean McCoppin to have the Giant stay at his scrap yard. Hogarth and the Giant have fun together, and Hogarth explains the concept of life and death after the Giant sees hunters slaying a deer in the woods.

A few months later, in the spring of 1958, a memorial statue has been erected in the Giant’s honor. Dean and Annie appear to be in a relationship and Hogarth has made some new friends. He is sent a single jaw-screw by Rogard, the only piece of the Giant recovered from the explosion. In bed that night, Hogarth hears a tapping noise at the window. The screw is bumping against the glass, apparently attempting to travel somewhere. Smiling and realizing what the piece’s activity means, Hogarth opens the window and lets it roll away. The movie ends with the Giant’s body parts making their way to the Langjökull glacier in Iceland, summoned there by the repair signal in the Giant’s head, which opens its eyes and smiles.