Troll 2

  • Directors: Drake Floyd
  • Producers: Brenda Norris, Joe D Amato
  • Writers: Rossella Drudi and, Drake Floyd, Drake Floyd
  • Genres: Fantasy, Horror
  • Actors: Michael Stephenson, George Hardy, Darren Ewing, Jason Steadman, Jason F Wright, Duncan Day Myron

The film begins with the main character, a child named Joshua Waits, being contacted by his dead grandfather, Seth. Seth informs Joshua of evil creatures known as goblins roaming the world who force or trick humans into consuming food which will turn them into vegetables. The goblins would then eat them.

Meanwhile Joshua’s sister, Holly, receives a visit from her boyfriend Elliot. She accuses him of being a homosexual because he spends large amounts of time with his friends Brent, Arnold and Drew. Since she and the rest of the family are going to Nilbog for a holiday, he offers to meet her on the way. She agrees but under the condition that he will come alone without his friends.

However, Elliot does not turn up at their meeting point and her parents, Michael and Diane, go on without him. They meet him further up the route but she angrily dismisses him since he is accompanied by his friends. Joshua has a dream that his family are actually goblins in disguise preparing to consume him but wakes up to find Seth again, this time posing as a hitchhiker. Joshua tells his parents to stop the car and runs up to him. Seth informs Joshua that their holiday destination is in fact the kingdom of the goblins he mentioned earlier, and urges him to convince his parents to turn back. Joshua is unable to, and the family arrive at Nilbog.

During the epilogue, Diane is killed by consuming spiked food left in the house. Joshua discovers her corpse being eaten by the goblins.