Lady in the Lake

  • Directors: Robert Montgomery
  • Producers: George Haight
  • Writers: Story, Raymond Chandler, Screenplay, Steve Fisher
  • Genres: Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Mystery, Romance
  • Actors: Robert Montgomery, Audrey Totter, Lloyd Nolan, Tom Tully, Leon Ames, Jayne Meadows

The story is set on Christmas Eve. Hard-boiled private detective Philip Marlowe (Montgomery) is asked by a publishing executive, Adrienne Fromsett (Totter), to locate the wife of her boss, publisher Derace Kingsby (Ames). One month earlier she had sent her husband a telegram saying she was heading to Mexico to marry a man named Chris Lavery.

However Kingsby had recently seen Lavery in the neighboring Bay City, and Lavery seemed unaware of the trip to Mexico. Marlowe pursues his investigation at the Kingsby’s lakeside cottage, where Mrs. Kingsby was last seen. There, he finds Lavery shot dead, and he then becomes involved in a complex web of intrigue.

The Set Up

  • Directors: Robert Wise
  • Producers: Richard Goldstone
  • Writers: Poem, Joseph Moncure March, Screenplay, Art Cohn
  • Genres: Film-Noir, Sport
  • Actors: Robert Ryan, Audrey Totter, George Tobias

Stoker Thompson (Ryan) is a 35-year-old has-been boxer. His once-promising fighting career has come crashing to the end. Tiny (George Tobias), Stoker’s manager, is sure he will continue to lose fights, so he takes money for a “dive” from a mobster, but is so sure that Thompson will lose that he doesn’t tell the boxer about the set-up.

At the beginning of the fourth and last round of the vicious boxing match with the much younger and heavily-favored Tiger Nelson (Hal Baylor), Stoker learns about the fix. Even though he learns that Little Boy (Alan Baxter), a feared gangster, is behind the set-up, Thompson refuses to give up the fight and mushes on.

In the end, he defeats Nelson, but Little Boy has Stoker’s right hand broken as punishment.