The Hunt for Gollum

  • Directors: Chris Bouchard
  • Producers: Executive producer, Chris Bouchard, Co producers, Brian Lavery, Gladys San Juan, Julianne Honey Mennal, Spencer Duru, Assistant producer, Ashram Maharaj
  • Writers: Novel, J R R Tolkien, Screenplay, Chris Bouchard, Additional writing, Julianne Honey Mennal, Sabina Sattar, Stuart Price
  • Genres: Short, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Actors: Adrian Webster, Arin Alldridge, Patrick O Connor, Rita Ramnani, Gareth Brough, Max Bracey

The film is set during the timespan of The Fellowship of the Ring. It takes place seventeen years after Bilbo Baggins’ 111th birthday party and just prior to Frodo Baggins leaving the Shire (Middle-earth) for Rivendell . The wizard Gandalf fears that Gollum may reveal information about the One Ring to the Dark Lord Sauron, and sends the Ranger Aragorn on a quest to find him.