The Little Rascals

  • Directors: Penelope Spheeris
  • Producers: Bill Oakes, Michael King, Gerald R Molen
  • Writers: Paul Guay, Stephen Mazur, Penelope Spheeris, Robert Wolterstorff
  • Genres: Comedy, Family
  • Actors: Travis Tedford, Bug Hall, Brittany Ashton Holmes, Blake McIver Ewing, Kevin Jamal Woods, Jordan Warkol, Zachary Mabry, Ross Bagley, Sam Saletta, Blake Jeremy Collins

“The He-Man Woman Haters Club” is a club of young, local school-aged boys, all of whom refuse to play with girls and detest them, and the boys are entering their go-cart, the “Blur,” in the annual go-cart race, and one of the members, Alfalfa, the best friend of the club president, Spanky, is selected to drive the Blur in the race. However, Alfalfa hadn’t attended the meeting, so the boys search for him to find Alfalfa in the middle of a romantic boat ride with his sweetheart, Darla. Since Alfalfa’s relationship with Darla interferes with the club’s rule of forbidding a club member to play with or have a romantic relationship with girls, the other club members try to spoil Alfalfa and Darla’s romantic boat ride in hopes of breaking them up. However, their plans fail, and Darla and Alfalfa schedule a romantic picnic in the clubhouse.

Soon after, the other He-Man Woman Haters secretly spy on the couple during their picnic, until Alfalfa notices and quickly brings his date with Darla to an early end, and he makes Darla hide in the clubhouse until he can convince the other boys that he and Darla weren’t doing anything in there. But Darla thinks that Alfalfa is ashamed of her, so she tries to escape the clubhouse by driving away in the Blur and crashing through the clubhouse walls, causing the clubhouse to catch on fire. The boys quickly try to put the fire out (Buckwheat and Porky, the youngest club members, were sent to call the fire department, but neither one of them knew the number for 9-1-1, so the club did not get any professional help from fire-fighters, despite the fact that the fire station was near the public telephone that Buckwheat and Porky tried to use to call for help, but they didn’t notice it). Alfalfa faints, after the clubhouse catches on fire, and while he is out cold the other boys finish putting out the fire and Darla tosses the ring Alfalfa gave her earlier back to him before leaving with a wealthy new boy named Waldo, who tried to win her over earlier and nearly succeeded. After Alfalfa regains conciousness, the other club members punish him by forcing him to guard the Blur every night and day until the day of the race. Alfalfa tries to win Darla back, by going to her ballet recital and writing a love letter.

The boys manage to build a new go-cart in time for the race, and Alfalfa is the driver, as originally planned, though Woim and Butch have repainted the Blur and pass it on as their own go-cart, and try to cheat their way to winning during the race. Darla, who is racing with Waldo, eventually gets tired of Waldo’s attitude and starts to yearn for Alfalfa, who still wants her back, more, so Waldo abandons Darla in the middle of the race and takes off. Darla then climbs aboard the He-Man Woman Haters’ go-cart and races with Alfalfa and Spanky, and eventually, the He-Man Woman Haters win the race, much to the chagrin of Waldo, Butch, and Woim. Darla reunites with Alfalfa, and their romantic relationship starts all over again. When being awarded their trophy and prize money, Spanky gets to meet his favorite racer, A.J. Ferguson, who turns out to be a woman. She kisses the top of Spanky’s head, though Spanky himself doesn’t mind it, his opinion about females stubbornly hasn’t officially changed, though the rest of the club members besides Alfalfa also gain girlfriends after the race. And finally, Spanky gives in to his now girl-loving friends, and “Welcome Women” is added to the new clubhouse sign, for the club members have managed to purchase a new clubhouse with their prize money.

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