Smokin Aces

  • Directors: Joe Carnahan
  • Producers: Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner
  • Writers: Joe Carnahan
  • Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
  • Actors: Jeremy Piven, Ryan Reynolds, Andy Garcia, Ray Liotta, Alicia Keys, Common

Las Vegas magician and wannabe gangster Buddy “Aces” Israel is hiding out in a Lake Tahoe hotel penthouse with his entourage, while his agent Morris Mecklen discusses a potential immunity deal with Deputy Director Locke of the FBI. Agents Messner and Carruthers learn that mob boss Primo Sparrazza has put a hit out on Israel worth one million dollars involving a mysterious assassin known as the Swede, with the added stipulation that he bring him Israel’s heart as well. A number of assassins are also after the reward, including Lazlo Soot, a Hungarian who specializes in disguises and impersonations; Sharice Watters and Georgia Sykes, a duo of hitwomen hired by Sparazza’s underboss; Pasquale Acosta, torture expert and mercenary; and the psychotic Neo-Nazi Tremor Brothers.

Locke dispatches Messner and Carruthers to be ready to take Israel into custody when the deal is struck. A team of bail bondsmen, Jack Dupree and his partners, “Pistol” Pete Deeks and Hollis Elmore, have been hired by the firm that posted Israel’s bail. The bondsmen are attacked by the Tremors and only Elmore escapes alive. Messner is dispatched to the murder scene while Caruthers proceeds to Israel. Meanwhile, each of the assassins gain access to the hotel in their own various ways.

Messner, furious over the unnecessary deaths, especially Carruthers’, protests and is ordered to leave the hospital. Instead, he walks into the emergency room, locks the doors, and pulls the plug on both men. He then lays his gun and badge on the floor and sits in disbelief as Locke and the doctors desperately try to break in.

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