Fish Tank

  • Directors: Andrea Arnold
  • Producers: Nick Laws
  • Writers: Andrea Arnold
  • Genres: Drama
  • Actors: Katie Jarvis, Michael Fassbender

Volatile 15 year old Mia lives in Essex with her single mother and younger sister. Mia is frequently in trouble with the authorities and has been excluded from school. Her only passion is urban dancing, which she practices in a deserted flat on her estate. One day her mother brings home a man named Connor. He is charming and appears to want to be a father figure to the two children. However his relationship with Mia develops into something more flirtatious and they end up having sex whilst Mia’s mother is asleep, drunk. The following morning Connor ends his relationship with the mother and leaves. However Mia tracks him down to his home and breaks in through a back window. She discovers that he is not only married, but also has a young daughter. When Connor returns home Mia kidnaps the daughter and sets off across the fields with her, however thinks better of it when the child almost drowns and returns her. The film ends optimistically, with Mia heading off to Wales in the search of a fresh start.

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