Crocodile Dundee II

  • Directors: John Cornell
  • Producers: John Cornell
  • Writers: Paul Hogan Brett Hogan
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy
  • Actors: Paul Hogan, Linda Kozlowski, John Meillon

Following the events in Crocodile Dundee, central characters Mick Dundee and Sue Charlton are living in New York. Although Mick’s naïveté toward city life is a hazard at times while he tries to continue the life he is used to living – which includes dynamite-fishing in Manhattan waters – Sue’s story has provided his pardon by making him a popular public figure. He makes contact with Leroy, a stationery salesman trying to live up to his self-perceived ‘bad guy in the streets’ image.

Sue’s ex-husband (mentioned, but not seen, in the first movie) takes pictures of a Colombian drug cartel’s murder of an unknown person, and is spotted by one of the cartel’s sentries. Before being murdered, he sends his pictures to Sue. The film’s antagonists, cartel leader Luis Rico, and his brother & top lieutenant, Miguel, go to New York City to retrieve the evidence.

In order to do so, the gangsters hold Sue hostage, whereupon Mick asks Leroy for help. Leroy contacts a local street gang, whom Mick assigns to create a distraction by caterwauling at the mansion’s perimeter, leading most of the guards on a wild chase and making them nervous, while Mick sneaks inside and rescues Sue. Rico escapes police custody, and after a failed attempt to kill Sue, Mick decides to take Sue to Australia in order to take the fight onto familiar ground. In Walkabout Creek, Mick is enthusiastically welcomed back by his friends; after provisioning, he and Sue take refuge in his personal land, named Billongamick (“Mick’s Place”). Here, Sue discovers that Mick owns land equal to the size of New York State, including a gold mine.

Tired of chasing Dundee, Rico sets a bushfire to corner Mick. Mick regains the upper hand, captures Rico, and switches clothes with him in order to lure Miguel into a vulnerable position. Soon afterward, the villains are defeated, whereupon Sue decides to stay with Mick in Australia.

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