• Directors: Park Chan wook
  • Producers: Park Chan wook
  • Writers: Park Chan wook, Seo Gyeong jeong
  • Genres: Drama, Horror
  • Actors: Song Kang ho, Kim Ok bin, Shin Ha kyun

Sang-hyun is a priest whose free time is spent volunteering at the local hospital and providing ministry to the patients. He is well respected for his unwavering faith and the dedicated service he provides to all those around him, but he secretly suffers from overwhelming feelings of doubt and sadness about living in a world that seems to be drowning in suffering and death.

After getting fed up with the endless cycle of human suffering that the world offers, Sang-hyun volunteers to participate in an experiment to find a vaccine for the deadly Emmanuel Virus (EV) with the hope of saving even one life. Although the experiment fails disastrously and Sang-hyun is infected with the seemingly fatal disease, he makes a complete and rapid recovery.

News of his marvelous recovery is quickly spread to the devout parishioners of Sang-hyun’s congregation, and they begin to believe that the man has a miraculous gift for healing. Soon, thousands more people flock to Sang Hyun’s services. Among the new churchgoers are Kang-woo, Sang-hyun’s childhood friend, and his family. Later on, Kang-woo invites his old friend to join the weekly mahjong night at his house, and there, Sang-hyun finds himself precariously drawn to Kang-woo’s wife, Tae-ju. Suddenly, Sang-hyun relapses into his illness; he coughs up blood and passes away. The next day however, he opens his eyes in dire need of shelter from the sweltering sunlight; thus he has become a vampire.

Sang-hyun then places Lady Ra in his car, and, along with Tae-ju, begins driving into the night. We then see the third friend, back at the house, getting up and escaping (apparently not killed by Sang-hyun). Upon waking up from a nap in the car, Tae-ju realizes that Sang-hyun has driven to a desolate field with no cover from the imminent sunlight. He snaps the key off in the ignition and throws it off a cliff, into the ocean. Realizing his plan to have them both burn when dawn breaks, Tae-ju tries to hide in the trunk, an attempt that is foiled when Sang-hyun rips the trunk lid off and throw it, also, into the ocean. She then attempts to hide under the car, but Sang-hyun pushes it off her. Resigning herself to her fate, she joins him on the hood of the car, and both are painfully burnt to ash by the sun, all as Lady Ra watches from the back seat of the car. The film ends with the worn pair of shoes that Sang-hyun had once given Tae-ju falling to the ground as her feet crumble away at the ankles.

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