Epic Movie

  • Directors: Jason Friedberg, Aaron Seltzer
  • Producers: Paul Schiff
  • Writers: Jason Friedberg, Aaron Seltzer
  • Genres: Adventure, Comedy
  • Actors: Jayma Mays, Jennifer Coolidge, Adam Campbell, Faune A Chambers, Crispin Glover, Darrell Hammond, Kal Penn, Fred Willard, Tim Lockwood, David Lehre

The film begins with a parody on The Da Vinci Code. Lucy finding a museum currator murdered by Silas. The museum currator tells her that the word is Da Vinci. She finds a painting of Mona Lisa and sees with a flash light a writing: ‘ So lame hair of Tom ‘ refering to Tom Hanks and finds code 7, she removes willy chocolate bar and runs.

Later the film introduces Edward at boarding school.Ignacio tells him to eat the dead cat and Edward doesn’t want to eat it. Ignacio removes his clothes and turns into Nacho libre, but instead it turns out to be a nacho name, Edward tells him he’s the better lucha libre wrestler, however Ignacio calls chancito to teach Edward a lesson. He throws him out of the table, pulls out a golden ticket from a mexican man, and gets out of the school.

The film now introduces Susan. She is going to New Jersey to meet her parents. While she orders water, snakes come out and hijack the plane. Samuel L. Jackson pops up and throws Susan out the plane so that she would be safe.

The film introduces Peter asking Mystique to come with him to the student’s ballroom but is bullied by Wolverine and his gang and when Peter unleashes his powers Storm curse him to be scared of every thing and finds a golden ticket fell on his hand and cancel his studies at Mutants high school. Each receive a golden ticket in a chocolate. This ticket entitles them to visit the Wonka Chocolate Factory. Willy reveals to the kids the secret ingredient in his candy is “real human parts”, and “there is a bit of each and everyone of you of you in my yummy yum candy, literally.”. After successfully retrieving the “super special ingredients” from their bodies, Willy holds the orphans captive. Lucy soon finds a closet, and after a series of items fall on her, she climbs inside and meets Mr. Tumnus.

Upon finishing their training, Lucy, Susan, and Peter, head to the camp of Aslo. There they encounter James Bond, Chewbacca, and Borat. Aslo agrees to help the orphans on the condition that he may seduce them, including Peter. However, during the mission to rescue Edward, Aslo finishes off Silas, but is ambushed by White Bitch who quickly kills him off. In spite of losing their leader, the entire camp volunteers to help the orphans fight the White Bitch’s army, including Lord of the Rings characters, Robin Hood and his Merry Men and his and Peter’s X-Men classmates. But due to a pre-battle party, the foursome realize they are outnumbered because nobody came to help them and Susan puked on them until Jack Swallows arrives on a giant cartwheel to get his revenge against the White Bitch. However, the White Bitch dons a Davey Jones mask and play Miss New Booty on a turntable before throwing the mask at Swallows, causing him to detour out of the fight as the orphans are killed off one by one. As Peter is about to be struck down, he grabs the remote from the movie Click off the ground, which he uses to pause time. He rewinds the orphans’ deaths as they all proceed to kill the paused army before using the remote’s TiVo menu to erase the White Bitch’s evil plot. Before they can kill the White Bitch, Peter stops them and makes a speech about how they will give her a fair trial, yet before the lecture is over, Jack Swallows runs the White Bitch over with his cartwheel. Harry Beaver promotes all four of them Kings and Queens of Gnarnia. They rule Gnarnia for many years, and in their old age, they discover the wardrobe once again, and walk through it, becoming young again. Borat appears to congratulate them, before they’re crushed by Jack Swallows giant wheel.

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