• Directors: David Pastor
  • Producers: Ray Angelic, Anthony Bregman
  • Writers: David Pastor
  • Genres: Thriller, Drama, Horror
  • Actors: Chris Pine, Piper Perabo, Christopher Meloni

The horror starts with a pandemic virus that has already spread world-wide. Two brothers, Brian and Danny, along with Brian’s girlfriend Bobby and Danny’s friend Kate, are heading to a place where they believe they can wait for the viral pandemic to die out, along with the infected– namely a place called Turtle Beach, where Brian and Danny used to spend their holidays as children. They come across a van parked in the middle of the road, where a man stops them, looking for fuel for his car. They realise his daughter, who is in the backseat of the van is infected and they refuse to help, attempting to drive around the van which is blocking the road. The man attacks their car, and while trying to evade him, their car is irrevocably damaged. The four teenagers have no choice but to join the father and his infected daughter in order to use their fully functioning van, providing the gas from their own car, making a deal with the man that they will drive him to a school where it is rumoured that a serum has been developed that could help the infected, in order to help the little girl. Upon reaching the school however, they encounter a doctor with several infected children. The doctor explains the serum only slowed down the virus, prolonging the disease by three days, and that as a result he is planning on euthanizing the children, claiming that “living is sometimes a more painful way of dying”. Meanwhile in the car the little girl’s breathing becomes compromised and Bobby (who remained with her while the others went into the school) tries to help, taking off the child’s mask to help her breathe. However the little girl begins to cough, and coughs blood into Bobby’s face. Fearing that she may be infected, she doesn’t tell the others when they return, still in shock. The little girl asks to go to the bathroom, and her father reluctantly takes her, knowing the teenagers will take his car and leave them behind, but seeing no other choice. Before he walks away he tells Danny that he seems like a good man. The teenagers drive away, knowing they are leaving father and daughter to their deaths.

Later the car runs out of gas, and Brian, who has been oddly calm since abandoning his girlfriend at the gas station becomes increasingly more violent. Another car appears, driving towards them, and Brian accelerates aggressively, before blocking their progress along the road. Danny leaves the car and attempts to plead with the two ladies in the car for gas; however they are too frightened to help them. Brian takes out a gun and shoots at them, killing one of the ladies while the other one takes out a gun of her own and shoots him in the leg. He then shoots her. Danny is horrified and furiously demands to know why. Brian then reveals that he feels he has to take care of everything so Danny can have a conscience-free life, such as lying to their parents that they would “be back soon”, while intending on escaping. Danny is distressed, realising that Brian had lied, presumably telling him their infected parents were dead, while in fact they had abandoned them while they were still alive. When trying to dress the wound in Brian’s leg, Danny discovers that Brian is infected also. Kate convinces Danny they have to leave him behind. Danny takes the keys to the car but realizes that Brian, who is now awake, has the keys. Danny says his goodbyes and kills his brother. Together Danny and Kate reach their destination, Turtle Beach, the place which holds so many memories for Danny. He realises that without his brother, the place that had seemed so special to them as kids is now empty. The film ends, leaving their fate uncertain.

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