• Directors: Marco Kreuzpaintner
  • Producers: Jakob Claussen
  • Writers: Thomas Bahmann, Marco Kreuzpaintner
  • Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sport
  • Actors: Robert Stadlober, Kostja Ullmann, Miriam Morgenstern, Marlon Kittel, Hanno Koffler, Ludwig Blochberger, Tristano Casanova

Teams from all across Germany descend on a quiet camping ground for a week of training leading up to a final rowing competition. The plot follows the members of the RSC rowing club from southern Germany as they train for the regatta.

The boys are excited by the prospects of camping with a female rowing team from Berlin. However, by a stroke of fate, the Berlin girls’ team cancels and is replaced by Queerschlag (“Queerstrokes”), a gay youth rowing team, and these boys are out proud and camp it up to their full potential.

Amidst the sometimes tense interactions between the members of his team and those of Queerschlag, Tobi (Stadlober) is himself forced to confront his long-time feelings for his friend and team-mate Achim (Ullmann), who is already romantically involved with his girlfriend Sandra (Miriam Morgenstern). Spurned by Achim, Tobi is devastated, but is partly consoled by his new friendship with Queerschlag member Leo (Kittel).

The tension between the members of the two teams culminates in a scene set to the backdrop of a summer storm, during which Leo confronts Tobi about his homosexuality in front of his fellow team-mates. Tobi denies being gay, and, in an attempt to defend him, one of his team-mates tells Tobi’s girlfriend Anke (Bachleda-CuruÅ›) to tell the rest of his team-mates so. Anke, the only person to whom Tobi has confided his secret, remains silent.

Ultimately, Tobi comes out to his fellow team-mates, and his rowing team and Queerschlag go on to compete in the final regatta.

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