• Directors: Jamin Winans
  • Producers: Jamin Winans, Executive Producer, Kiowa K Winans, Associate Producer, Laura Wright
  • Writers: Jamin Winans
  • Genres: Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
  • Actors: Chris Kelly, Jessica Duffy, Quinn Hunchar

The film follows the journey of eight year old Emma (Quinn Hunchar), who falls into a coma after she is kidnapped into a dreamworld by a mysterious monster, a drifter, called Ink. In the real world Emma is hospitalized by the coma, but in the dreamworld she is being used by Ink as a “pawn in a metaphysical war being fought between the forces of light and darkness.”[3] The forces of light are a group of people who give dreams to the living, known as storytellers, warriors, fighters, navigators and pathfinders. The forces of darkness, the Incubi, concurrently give nightmares to the living and are styled after the mythological figure called Incubus. Emma’s only hope lies within her negligent father (Chris Kelly), a successful business man, as the forces of light cross over to the real world and try to alter his path to save Emma.[4]

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