Black Dynamite

  • Directors: Scott Sanders
  • Producers: Jon Steingart, Jenny Wiener Steingart
  • Writers: Story, Michael Jai White, Byron Minns, Screenplay, Scott Sanders, Michael Jai White, Byron Minns
  • Genres: Action, Comedy
  • Actors: Michael Jai White, Salli Richardson, Arsenio Hall, Kevin Chapman, Tommy Davidson

In 1972, Black Dynamite, a former CIA agent, is called back into the business when the mafia kills his brother, fills black orphanages with heroin, and floods the street with bad malt liquor. He soon discovers a vast conspiracy.[12]

Lonely Are the Brave

  • Directors: David Miller
  • Producers: Edward Lewis
  • Writers: Edward Abbey, Dalton Trumbo
  • Genres: Drama, Western
  • Actors: Kirk Douglas, Gena Rowlands, Walter Matthau

John W. “Jack” Burns (Kirk Douglas) works as a roaming ranch hand much as the cowboys of the old West did, refusing to join modern society. He rejects much of modern technology, not even carrying any kind of identification such as a driver’s license or Social Security card.

Burns rides up on his horse to visit Jerry (Gena Rowlands). She is the wife of an old friend named Paul Bondi who has been jailed for giving aid to illegal immigrants. Jack explains his dislike for a society that restricts a man on where he can or can’t go, what he can or can’t do.

After a violent barroom fight against a one-armed man in which he is compelled to use only one arm himself, Burns is arrested. When the police decide to let him go, he punches a cop to deliberately get himself thrown in jail so he can see Paul.

While there he incurs the wrath of a sadistic deputy (George Kennedy). Burns is badly beaten while under arrest. He tries to persuade Paul to bust out of jail, but Paul has a family and too much at stake to become a fugitive from the law, so he refuses to go. Burns breaks out by himself.

During the course of the story, the seemingly extraneous progress of a tractor-trailer truck, driven by Carroll O’Connor, is intercut with the principal events. The pursuit of Jack Burns comes to an end when the truck driver, vision impaired by rain, collides with Burns and his horse while they try to cross a busy modern highway.

Maratonci trce pocasni krug

  • Directors:
  • Producers:
  • Writers:
  • Genres: Comedy
  • Actors:

The story takes place ‘somewhere in Serbia’ in 1935, and focuses on the Topalović family, whose members include six generations of men who constantly bicker. Most of the family arguments arise from the youngest son, Mirko (Bogdan Diklić), not wanting to join the family business (coffin-making). He believes there must be a better job for him. Topalović’s are a family of undertakers who run their business with only several coffins. They dig their customers out of the grave to steal the coffins back. They hired local mobster called Billy Python to help them with his men in this labour. One day, the oldest Topalović, Pantelija, dies and leaves family inheritance to himself because he does not trust his children. Topalovićs leave business with Billy the Python and he threatens to tell them to the police because they killed a man in a car accident. Mirko is in love with Billy’s daughter Kristina who wishes to become an actress in Đenka’s (Mirko’s best friend) movies. Mirko wants to leave the business to be with her. However, Kristina cheats on Mirko with Đenka, so he outraged kills her. He returns to his family who now praise him and accept him as their leader. Djenka was burned while repairing crematorium (Maximilian the nearly deaf, mute and senile member of family pushed the lever instead of giving him pliers). The movie ends with showdown between the Topalovićs and Billy the Python.

I Can Do Bad All by Myself

  • Directors: Tyler Perry
  • Producers: Tyler Perry
  • Writers: Tyler Perry
  • Genres: Comedy
  • Actors: Taraji P Henson, Adam Rodriguez, Brian J White, Mary J Blige, Gladys Knight, Marvin Winans, and, Tyler Perry

April (Taraji P. Henson), a selfish alcoholic singer, is performing at a nightclub where she works. On the other side of town, Madea (Tyler Perry) and Uncle Joe (Perry) catch Jennifer (Hope Olaide Wilson), Manny (Kwesi Boakye), and Byron (Frederick Siglar) breaking into their house. After hearing the children’s troubles, Madea welcomes them and feeds them. Jennifer tells Madea that they’re living with their Grandmother who they have not seen in four days. They tell Madea that their only other relative is their aunt, April. April shares her home with her shady boyfriend, Randy (Brian J. White), who’s married with children. The next morning, Madea brings the kids to April’s house but April doesn’t want to be bothered. Meanwhile, Pastor Brian (Marvin Winans) sends a Colombian immigrant named Sandino (Adam Rodriguez) to her house for work and a place to stay. April puts Sandino in her basement and wants to lock him down there because she doesn’t know him that well. While working around the house, Sandino surprises April by cleaning himself up and becoming very handsome. When Randy arrives, he sees April with the kids and Sandino and heckles him while making makes subtle advances at Jennifer.

Shortly after, Pastor Brian and Wilma (Gladys Knight), a church member, comes to informs April that her mother died from a fatal brain aneurysm while riding on a bus. April is devestated by the news and seeks comfort from Randy, however he is sleeping and shruggs off April’s attempt to seek comfort. Later Sandino comforts April as she tells him about her mother’s death and the last time she spoke with her. Depressed, Jennifer goes to Madea wanting to know how to pray. However, Madea, inexperienced with prayer, attempts to instruct in a scene that plays out comically. The same night, Wilma sings “The Need to Be”, an uplifting song for women and Tanya (Mary J. Blige), the nightclub bartender, sings “I Can Do Bad”. After singing the song, Tanya is fed up with April’s attitude and tries to help her friend despite that she can’t help April if she can’t help herself. Over time, Sandino and April become friends and Sandino fixes a ruined bedroom in her house making Manny and Bryon happy expect Jennifer who feels April doesn’t want them there. While on a date, Sandino tells April he doesn’t understand why she is with Randy and askes if she loves Randy. He tells her what true loves is to him. One Sunday morning, Sandino eagerly knocks on April’s bedroom door to get April ready for church, but Randy threatens to kill Sandino if he continues to spend time with April.

Time passes and April and Sandino get married. They hold a block party for their reception with Tanya sings “Good Woman Down” dedicated to April with the new couple embracing each other.

Bring It On Fight to the Finish

  • Directors: Bille Woodruff
  • Producers: David Brookwell, David Buelow, Sean McNamara
  • Writers: Elena Song, Alyson Fouse
  • Genres: Comedy, Sport
  • Actors: Christina Milian, Cody Longo, Nikki SooHoo, Rachele Brooke Smith

Lina Cruz is a tough, sharp-witted Latina cheerleader from East L.A. who transfers to a posh, West Los Angeles high school after her widowed mother remarries a wealthy man.

Lina not only finds herself a fish-out-of-her-environment at her new high school but she faces off against Avery, the snobbish and ultra-competitive all-star cheerleading captain who leads her own squad,’The Jaguars’ after the ‘Sea Lions’ didn’t vote her captain.

After Lina upset Sky, her stepsister, Lina is forced to join the Sea Lions. She goes into the school stadium to check them out, and finds Evan, her crush practicing hoops. Lina impresses Evan and the Sea Lions vote her captain. As Lina is captain Gloria, her best friend from East L.A is called to help her out.

After a team member from the Sea Lions quit, Lina calls her other best friend Treyvonetta to come and help her out. At the game, the Sea Lions go on and perform and a fall takes place. The Jaguars, led by Avery are there and save them from their misery. Lina calls for back up and takes the Sea Lions to an impromptu flavour school to work on their movements. She later meets Evan waiting for her there, which Victor, Gloria’s boyfriend befriends him.

Sky loses her temper and tells them to back off otherwise a fight would of started. Lina then goes on a field trip to East L.A where Gloria got a gym to sponser the Sea Lions and some of the members of East L.A as an All Star Squad. Combining Sea Lions and East L.A, they become a dream team. After finishing pratices, the next day while Lina is at her locker talking with Sky and Christina, Evan kisses her. They get back together and Lina and her team make it to the final round of the All Star Championship. The Malibu Dream Team won the spirit championship outnumbering The Jaguars, Avery’s team. The ending ends with Christina Milian singing her song, “I Got To Get To You” and her co-stars dancing to it.

Scooby Doo The Mystery Begins

  • Directors: Brian Levant
  • Producers: Brian J Gilbert, Brian Levant
  • Writers: Screenplay, Daniel Altiere, Steven Altiere, Characters and Series, Joseph Barbera, William Hanna
  • Genres: Comedy, Family, Mystery
  • Actors: Frank Welker, Nick Palatas, Kate Melton, Robbie Amell, Hayley Kiyoko, Gary Chalk

The film takes place in Coolsville, Ohio and begins as the cast is introduced on the school bus. As Shaggy walks down the aisle, one of the school’s jocks trips him. Fred, sitting next to him, asks him why he does it everyday. Shaggy tries sitting next to Velma and Daphne, but eventually sits by himself. At school, Shaggy’s trouble trying to get his locker door open results in him falling in a trashcan and rolling into the Principal’s office. The Principal suggests that Shaggy try to find some friends and sayaecide to take up a hobby like his: philately (stamp collecting).

Meanwhile, the Great Dane named Scoobert has been put up for adoption repeatedly at the monthly Pet Adoption fair, but never met with success. After the Adoption Fair, Scoobert is put in a small cage in a back of a truck. As the truck is driving down the road, it hits a bump and Scoobert falls out, gets out of the cage, and begins to wander around. As he is wandering through a graveyard, a strike of lightning resurrects a pair of ghosts named Ezekiel Gallows & Prudence Prufrock from their tombstones at the Cemetery. This frightens him, causing him to dash across town. He leaps into the first house he can find, which turns out to be Shaggy’s. They instantly become great friends, and Shaggy nicknames the dog “Scooby”.

In the final scene, Velma tells the gang about “strange goings-on” at the museum she heard about, and they all agree to get on the case once again. As the credits begin, scenes used during the opening intro to Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! and What’s New, Scooby-Doo? are recreated by the gang while the opening theme song to “What’s New Scooby-Doo” is playing.

Death at a Funeral

  • Directors: Frank Oz
  • Producers: Sidney Kimmel, Laurence Malkin, Diana Phillips, Share Stallings
  • Writers: Dean Craig
  • Genres: Comedy
  • Actors: Matthew Macfadyen, Peter Dinklage, Rupert Graves, Kris Marshall, Alan Tudyk

The story is set in England and takes place mainly at a family home where Daniel and his wife Jane live with his parents. When the story opens, it is the day of Daniel’s father’s funeral and, while in the process of organising this event, Daniel and Jane plan to purchase a flat and move away from the parental home. Daniel’s brother Robert, a renowned novelist living in New York City, would rather spend his money on a First Class airline ticket to England than help finance the funeral, leaving Daniel to cover the burial expenses. As guests begin to arrive at the family home, where the funeral service is to be held, he struggles to complete a eulogy, although everyone expects Robert the writer will be the one to deliver some appropriate remarks.

Daniel’s cousin Martha and her fiancé Simon are desperate to make a good impression on Martha’s uptight father Victor. Their hopes for doing so are dashed when Martha, hoping to calm Simon’s nerves, gives him what she believes is Valium but actually is a designer hallucinogenic drug manufactured by her brother Troy, a pharmacy student. While on the way to the funeral, Simon begins to feel its effect.

The service resumes, and Daniel’s awkward eulogy is interrupted when the still very-much-alive Peter leaps from the coffin and the compromising photos fall out of his pocket for everyone, including the widow, to see. Daniel demands everyone stay calm and declares his father was a good man, although clearly one with secrets, and he delivers a loving tribute to the man.

Repo Man

  • Directors: Alex Cox
  • Producers: Peter McCarthy, Michael Nesmith, Gerald T Olson, Jonathan Wacks
  • Writers: Alex Cox
  • Genres: Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi
  • Actors: Emilio Estevez, Fox Harris, Dick Rude, Harry Dean Stanton, Tracey Walter

Otto Maddox (Emilio Estevez), a young punk rocker living in mid-1980s Los Angeles, is fired from his menial supermarket stock clerk job. At a party, he finds his girlfriend having sex with his best friend. He soon finds that his pot-smoking, ex-hippie parents have donated the money they promised him for finishing school to a televangelist, supposedly to supply Bibles to El Salvador. Depressed and broke, Otto falls in with Bud (Harry Dean Stanton), a seasoned repossession agent, or “repo man”, working for the disingenuously named “Helping Hand Acceptance Corporation”, a small-time automobile repossession agency. While repelled by the concept at first, Otto’s opinion is rapidly changed when he is paid cash for his first “job”.

Otto soon learns that “the life of a repo man is always intense.” He enjoys the drug use, real-life car chases, the thrill of hotwiring cars and good pay. His old punk-rock lifestyle seems boring by comparison, and he begins to develop a rapport with his fellow repo men as well. When he returns to a punk club to see a lounge act (played by real-life hardcore punk band Circle Jerks), he is amazed at how terrible they now seem.

Soon, Bud, Otto and competing repo men all over town are searching for a 1964 Chevrolet Malibu from New Mexico; this vehicle, unknown to them, contains something mysterious and dangerously powerful in its trunk, also sought by a strange female CIA agent, Agent Rogersz (Susan Barnes), and her staff.

Matchstick Men

  • Directors: Ridley Scott
  • Producers: Ridley Scott, Steve Starkey, Sean Bailey, Jack Rapke, Ted Griffin
  • Writers: Novel, Eric Garcia, Screenplay, Ted Griffin, Nicholas Griffin
  • Genres: Comedy, Drama, Crime, Thriller
  • Actors: Nicolas Cage, Alison Lohman, Sam Rockwell, Bruce Altman, Bruce McGill

Roy Waller (Nicolas Cage) is a troubled con artist residing in Los Angeles, California. Alongside his partner and protégé Frank Mercer (Sam Rockwell), Roy operates a fake lottery, selling overpriced water filtration systems to unsuspecting customers; in the process, Roy has collected over one million dollars and has developed a crush on Kathy (Sheila Kelley), a cashier at a local supermarket. Roy suffers from several mental disorders, including agoraphobia, mysophobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder and a tic disorder—not to mention the fact that he yells, “Pygmies” whenever something surprises or upsets him. After Roy experiences a violent panic attack, Frank suggests he see a psychiatrist, Dr. Harris Klein (Bruce Altman).

Klein provides Roy with medication, and in therapy has Roy recall his past relationship with his ex-wife, Heather (Melora Walters), who was pregnant during the time of the divorce. By Roy’s behest, Klein informs Roy that he called Heather and found out that Roy has a fourteen year-old daughter, Angela (Alison Lohman). Roy and Angela meet and Angela quizzes Roy regarding his life and occupation. Her cheerful personality rejuvenates him, and Roy thus agrees to work with Frank on a long-term con: Their target is Chuck Frechette (Bruce McGill), an arrogant businessman whom the duo decides to con with the Jamaican Switch.

A year later, Roy has become a salesman at a local carpet store, which Angela and her boyfriend one day wander into. Roy confronts Angela but ultimately forgives her, realizing that he is now honest, coping with his mental disorders in a healthy manner and leading a much happier lifestyle as a respectable citizen. Angela reveals that she did not receive her fair share of the cut from Frank, and that it was the only con she ever pulled. Angela and her boyfriend depart and Roy returns home to his new wife Kathy (the cashier he had a crush on), who is now pregnant with his child.

Percy Jackson the Olympians The Lightning Thief

  • Directors: Chris Columbus
  • Producers: Chris Columbus, Michael Barnathan, Karen Rosenfelt
  • Writers: Novel, Rick Riordan, Screenplay, Craig Titley
  • Genres: Fantasy, Comedy
  • Actors: Logan Lerman, Brandon T Jackson, Alexandra Daddario, Jake Abel, Pierce Brosnan, Catherine Keener, Sean Bean

A young boy named Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman) discovers that he is the demigod son of the Greek god, Poseidon (Kevin McKidd). He embarks on a journey across modern-day America with his friends Annabeth Chase (Alexandra Daddario), also a demigod, and Grover Underwood (Brandon T. Jackson), a satyr, to save his mother (Catherine Keener), return Zeus’ (Sean Bean) stolen lightning bolt, and prevent a war between the gods.[2][3][4]