La leggenda del pianista sull oceano

  • Directors: Giuseppe Tornatore
  • Producers:
  • Writers: Giuseppe Tornatore
  • Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Music
  • Actors: Tim Roth, Pruitt Taylor Vince

The story is told in media res as a flashforward. Max Tooney, a musician, enters a secondhand music shop just as it’s closing, broke and badly in need of money. He only has a trumpet, which he sells for less than he had hoped. Clearly torn at parting from his prized possession, he asks to play it one last time. The shopkeeper agrees, and as the musician plays, the shopkeeper immediately recognizes the song from a broken record master he found inside a recently acquired secondhand piano. He asks who the piece is by, and Max tells him the story of 1900.

1900 was found abandoned on the four stacker SS Virginian, a mere baby in a hand basket, and likely the son of poor immigrants from steerage. Danny, a coal-man from the boiler room, is determined to raise the boy as his own. He names the boy Danny Boodman T. D. Lemon 1900 (a combination of his own name, the year, and an advertisement found in the basket) and hides him from the ship’s officers. During the early years of his life 1900 comes across an advertisement for an man with the initials of T.D, however Danny upon seeing the advertisement and possibly 1900’s biological father decides not to tell 1900 the truth. Sadly, a few years later, Danny is killed in a workplace accident, and 1900 is forced to survive aboard the Virginian as an orphan. For many years, he travels back and forth across the Atlantic, keeping a low profile and apparently learning the languages spoken by the immigrants in Third Class.

The story flashes back to the mid-1940s periodically, as we see Max (who leaves the ship’s orchestra in 1933) trying to lure 1900 out of the now-deserted hulk of the ship. Having served as a hospital ship and transport in World War II, she is scheduled to be scuttled and sunk far offshore. Max manages to get aboard the ship with the recording 1900 made long ago and plays it, hoping to attract 1900’s attention. When it does, Max attempts to convince 1900 to leave the ship. But he is simply too daunted by the size of the world. And feeling that his fate is tied to the ship, 1900 cannot bring himself to leave the only home he has known. In the end, the Virginian blows up and sinks, presumably with 1900 still aboard.

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