• Directors: Jake West
  • Producers: Michael Loveday, Terry Stone
  • Writers: Dan Schaffer
  • Genres: Comedy, Horror
  • Actors: Danny Dyer, Stephen Graham, Lee Ingleby, Terry Stone, Noel Clarke

Vince (Stephen Graham) is depressed following his divorce. Six of his friends decide to take him on a trip into the countryside for a “boys’ weekend”.

As they approach the town of Moodley the road is blocked by the corpses of two dead sheep and they joke “welcome to the countryside” as they leave the bus driver Candy (Christina Cole) to drag the dead animals out of the way and continue on to the village. A phone rings to the tune of the Match of the Day but all the boys have the same ringtone and are not sure whose phone it is, prompting Neil to insist they all hand over their phones to prevent the weekend being spoiled by constant long distance nagging. They leave their bags on the bus with Candy and head to the pub The Cock & Bull. As they leave Candy puts drops on on her already bloodshot eyes. Mikey goes to his grandmothers house to check they have a place to stay for the night.

As the town is quiet and they are unable to get service in the pub the boys head back to the bus. They notice a hooded girl stumbling around perhaps drunk, they reach for change to buy The Big Issue from her but she is then tackled by a man in military uniform who starts beating her. They rush to her aid, not giving the man any chance to explain, knocking a knife from his hand. As they fight him off the teen takes the knife and stabs Neil through the hand and his friends begin to realise what is happening. They run for the bus dragging the unconscious soldier with them but Candy has already become infected and blocks their escape. More women attack them and they retreat to Mikey’s mothers house. They realise the virus only affects women, Vince puns it must be “bird flu” and must be airborne since Candy had not even left the bus. The soldier states his name Sergeant Gavin Wright (Terry Stone) reluctantly admits the town has been infected by a biological agent that turns women into man-hating cannibals.

As they finally escape the town the voice of Graham crackles over the walkie-talkie, he had been dragged to pile of bodies and left for dead in the nest under the church. The men are determined to go back for him. As Graham he makes his way out from the church he discovers the control box and machine behind the stun device and reconnects the power. With the working stun device the men are able to stop the women in their tracks. Neil plays around turning the device on and off, freezing the crowd and taunting them by allowing them to move for just a second. He throws the device to give the others a turn but it breaks and the women are unleashed and begin to charge at them. Pushing the injured Graham in a shopping trolley, the four surviving men make a run for it.

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