The Karate Kid Part II

  • Directors: John G Avildsen
  • Producers: Jerry Weintraub, William J Cassidy, Susan Ekins, Karen Trudy Rosenfelt
  • Writers: Robert Mark Kamen
  • Genres: Action, Family, Romance, Sport
  • Actors: Ralph Macchio, Pat Morita, Danny Kamekona, Yuji Okumoto, Tamlyn Tomita, Nobu McCarthy

The Karate Kid, Part II picks up immediately following Daniel’s victory at the tournament.

As Daniel and Miyagi are getting ready to leave, they witness an altercation between Kreese and Daniel’s former rival, Johnny Lawrence. Infuriated about the loss, Kreese kicks Johnny off his sparring team and breaks his second-place trophy into pieces. When Johnny protests, Kreese puts him in a headlock, swatting away his fellow Cobra Kais who come to his rescue. Miyagi orders Kreese to leave Johnny alone, but Kreese retorts with a racial slur. Miyagi pulls a gasping Johnny away from Kreese’s grip, prompting Kreese to take two shots at Miyagi. As Miyagi ducks away from Kreese’s moves, Kreese punches his fists through two car windows. When it appears that Miyagi is about to deliver a fatal strike to Kreese, he stops short of his nose, honking it instead and then walking away.

The film picks up six months later shortly after Daniel’s senior prom. Daniel receives several pieces of bad news, having been dumped by Ali and learned that his mother will move to Fresno for work. Miyagi takes Daniel to his backyard and restores the boy’s focus by having him build a new wing for Miyagi’s house. This architectural work has a hidden side: It is revealed that Daniel is building a guest room for himself, Miyagi having arranged for Daniel to live with him while his mother goes to Fresno.

“Live or die, man?” says Daniel. “Die,” says Chozen. “Wrong…HONK!” Daniel then honks his nose and drops him to the ground, as Miyagi had done with Kreese following the tournament in California. The movie ends here.

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