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  • Genres: Action, Crime, Fantasy, Music, Sci-Fi, Thriller
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The music video to Jackson’s song “Man in the Mirror” acts as the opening segment to the film. This short film features a montage of clips of children from Africa, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and other historical figures.

A short biographical film about Jackson, covering the years from his birth until the Bad tour. Excerpts of the following songs are played:

A parody of the music video for Bad’s title song, featuring children filling the roles of various people from the original clip.

Of note, this video features a young Nikki Cox, who would eventually star on Unhappily Ever After and Las Vegas. The singing group The Boys appear as background dancers. The video also features Jermaine Jackson, Jr., and Brandon Quintin Adams of Mighty Ducks fame.

The “Badder” clip transitions into a second short film, referred to as Speed Demon, directed by Claymation innovator Will Vinton. This acts as the music video to the song Speed Demon. In the film, Michael, in an attempt to avoid overzealous fans (even The Noid), disguises himself as a rabbit (named Spike), but ends up taunting the fans into chasing him. During the chase, he morphs into other celebrities, including Sylvester Stallone, Tina Turner, and Pee-Wee Herman. After finally losing the fans, he removes the costume, which comes to life and challenges him to a dance-off. In the end, a policeman tells him he is in a “No Moonwalking Zone”, and when Michael turns to point Spike, the rabbit has already left. The policeman then sarcastically asks for his autograph (as opposed to “signature”) on the ticket. Just as Michael is preparing to leave, the rocky crag in front of him morphs into Spike’s head, who then nods to him, leaving Michael one-upped by his own alter-ego. Nonetheless, he seems happy enough as he leaves.

During the closing credits, two more segments are shown. The first has Ladysmith Black Mambazo performing “The Moon is Walking” in Club 30’s amidst behind-the-scenes clips. The second is the four-minute version of the “Smooth Criminal” music video.

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