Sorority Row

  • Directors: Stewart Hendler
  • Producers: Darrin Holender, Mike Karz
  • Writers: Josh Stolberg, Pete Goldfinger
  • Genres: Horror, Thriller
  • Actors: Briana Evigan, Jamie Chung, Leah Pipes, Carrie Fisher, Audrina Patridge, Rumer Willis, Caroline D Amore, Margo Harshman

A remake of the 1980’s hit thriller “The House on Sorority Row”,Six sorority sisters, Cassidy, Jessica, Claire, Ellie, Chugs, and Megan, live perfect, fun-filled college lives. When Megan discovers her boyfriend, Garrett, is cheating on her, the sisters plot to stage Megan’s death during sex with Garrett as payback for being unfaithful. During the prank, the girls and Garrett bring Megan’s “dead” body to a steel mill. While the girls giggle and try to prolong the prank, they mention to Garrett that they need something to chop up the body with. When the girls’ backs are turned, Garrett impales a car tire tool into her chest, actually killing her. The girls and Garrett, shocked at the accidental murder of their best friend, vow to never ever speak of that night again. One year later, during the party after graduation, The girls get a mysterious video sent to their phones. They find out a hooded “creature” is stalking them and their boyfriends. one by one the girls get killed off and the race is on for them to find out who is black-mailing them before it is too late and everyone is gone.

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