La haine

  • Directors: Mathieu Kassovitz
  • Producers: Christophe Rossignon
  • Writers: Mathieu Kassovitz
  • Genres: Crime, Drama
  • Actors: Vincent Cassel

The film focuses on a single day in the lives of three young friends in an impoverished multi-ethnic housing project (a ZUP – zone à urbaniser en priorité) in the aftermath of a riot. Vinz (Vincent Cassel), who is Jewish, is filled with rage. He sees himself as a gangster ready to win respect by killing a cop, and models himself after Travis Bickle from the film Taxi Driver. Saïd – Sayid in some English subtitles – (Saïd Taghmaoui) is a happy and talkative Maghrebin who tries to find middle ground between his two friends’ response to life. Hubert (Hubert Koundé) is an Afro-French boxer and drug dealer. The quietest of the three, he sadly contemplates the ghetto and the hate around him. He is probably the only one who has a minimum of consciousness about the state of things. He wants to simply leave this decadent world of violence and hate behind him but does not know how since he lacks the means to do so.

A friend of theirs, Abdel Ichaha, has been brutalized by the police shortly before the riot and lies in a coma. Vinz finds a policeman’s revolver, lost in the riot. He vows that if their friend dies from his injuries, he will use it to kill a cop.

After being forced to spend the night in a train station, the trio returns to their banlieue, and Vinz gives the gun to Hubert. Once again they encounter the police, who are eager to brutalize them in reponse to a previous confrontation. As one of the policemen holds Vinz against his vehicle and taunts him, his gun accidentally goes off, killing Vinz instantly. Hubert and the policeman each point their guns at each other, and as the film fades to black, one fires.

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