Mission Impossible II

  • Directors: John Woo
  • Producers: Tom Cruise, Paula Wagner
  • Writers: Screenplay, Robert Towne, Story, Ronald D Moore, Brannon Braga
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Thriller
  • Actors: Tom Cruise, Dougray Scott, Thandie Newton, Ving Rhames

While working at Biocyte, an Australian company, Nekhorvich, a Russian scientist, is forced to develop a deadly bioweapon named “Chimera” which lies dormant in its host for twenty hours after infection, but then rapidly causes the body’s red blood cells to disintegrate and cause hemorrhaging and death while becoming highly infectious. At the same time, Nekhorvich has developed a potent counter-agent, “Bellerophon” to stop the effects of Chimera while in incubation. Nekhorvich realizes he must expose Biocyte’s research, and contacts his old friend Ethan Hunt, whom he refers to as “Dmitri”, to help assist him to reach the U.S. Government; in order to transfer Chimera, Nekhorvich uses his own body as a petri dish and makes sure he can reach the United States within 20 hours of departure to ensure he’s in time to administer Bellerophon. However, as he and Hunt cross the Rocky Mountains on a passenger plane, the captain—Hugh Stamp—claims that there is a drop in cabin pressure and releases the oxygen masks, and the rest of the crew and passengers are anesthetized due to an NO2 tank being supplemented to the oxygen mask air supply, and “Hunt” reveals himself to be Sean Ambrose, another IMF agent, who then breaks Nekhorvichs’ neck and takes the briefcase containing his research. Ambrose and the rest of his team jump from the plane before it crashes, killing all those aboard.

Hunt and his team kidnap McCloy and make him believe he has been infected with Chimera in order to learn what Biocyte’s plans were. McCloy reveals that they were planning on releasing Chimera and then make a fortune off the sale of Bellerophon. After Nekhorvich stole the only samples, McCloy contacted Ambrose to help return them, but Ambrose turned the tables, asking for a large sum of money to return the samples, which McCloy has agreed to. Knowing the samples are at the Biocyte headquarters, Hunt and the others plan a daring break-in. However, their presence was expected, and Ambrose has prepared an ambush while holding Nordoff-Hall as a hostage. A firefight breaks out, and Nordoff-Hall manages to get free and inject herself with the last remaining sample of Chimera, forcing Ambrose to keep her alive for at least twenty hours in order to get McCloy’s money. Hunt is able to flee the building and regroup with Stickell and Baird, and trace Ambrose to a Biocyte storage facility near Sydney. They learn that Ambrose has let Nordoff-Hall loose in Sydney, such that when Chimera becomes active, it will launch an outbreak that will send Biocyte’s stocks skyrocketing due to the demand for Bellerophon, and Ambrose is now blackmailing McCloy to make sure he has a controlling interest in the company’s shares. Hunt breaks up the meeting, grabbing samples of Bellerophon, and a large battle between Ambrose’s men and Hunt’s team breaks out. Hunt’s team is able to defeat all but Ambrose, and Hunt orders Stickell and Baird to locate Nordoff-Hall while he fights Ambrose alone. Hunt gains the upper hand and kills the rogue agent while his team members find and return Nordoff-Hall; Hunt is able to inject the Bellerophon into her body just in the nick of time to stop Chimera. Hunt is debriefed and confirms that all samples of Chimera have been destroyed, and then returns to his vacation, this time spending it with Nordoff-Hall on an Australian beach.

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