• Directors: Rodrigo Garcia
  • Producers: Joseph Drake
  • Writers: Ronnie Christensen
  • Genres: Drama, Mystery, Thriller
  • Actors: Anne Hathaway, Patrick Wilson, Clea DuVall

Psychotherapist Claire Summers (Hathaway) is called upon to treat a group of five survivors of a recent plane crash. One of the survivors, Eric (Wilson), exhibits symptoms that suggest he is disguising his true feelings about the crash by making major life changes. As Claire and Eric grow closer, Claire’s patients begin to disappear. She comes to believe that the airline is targeting them to prevent fears about a mechanical failure from spreading. Claire visits her estranged sister after Eric suggests that she make peace with her.

There, she is greeted by an official from the airline who has been advising her not to investigate the crash. He reveals that all of the plane’s passengers died in the crash. As proof, he leaves behind a suitcase that contains a ledger of passengers’ names. Claire discovers that she too was on the ill-fated flight, and remembers everything that happened. Claire goes to the docks to meet Eric on his boat.

She realizes that everyone she came into contact with over the last few weeks was actually dead; “ghosts” of friends and family who were trying to make her realize that she, and the other passengers, had died. As the movie ends, Claire’s sister, Emma, and her husband are let into her now-abandoned apartment by the landlord, where she discovers a note Claire was planning to send to make peace with her.

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