• Directors: Xavier Gens
  • Producers: Chuck Gordon, Adrian Askariah, Daniel Alter, Luc Besson
  • Writers: Skip Woods
  • Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
  • Actors: Timothy Olyphant, Dougray Scott, Robert Knepper, Olga Kurylenko

The film opens with a montage showing a group of bald children receiving tattoos of bar codes and receiving training in firearms & hand-to-hand combat. These scenes were actually not filmed for this movie but were taken from numerous episodes of the Fox show Dark Angel, starring Jessica Alba.

Interpol agent Mike Whittier discovers Agent 47 in his study, where the two talk briefly. The scene flashes back 3 months, as 47 is completing a hit in Niger. He receives a communication from his Agency contact, Diana, and is told he is to kill his next target, Russian President Mikhail Belicoff, publicly.

Agent 47 kills Belicoff using a sniper rifle to achieve a head shot from over 4 km away. However, when 47 is in the train station ready to leave, he’s told there’s a witness–Nika Boronina–whom he must kill. Confronting Nika on a street, he realizes she’s never seen him before and decides not to kill her. Additionally, Belicoff’s death was covered up, being portrayed in the media as a grazing wound. Agent 47 then escapes a failed assassination attempt.

Agent 47 confronts Diana about who would want Nika dead when she wasn’t a witness and why Belicoff is still being portrayed as alive. Outside, Mike Whittier and his partner have been tipped off that 47 is in the hotel. They encounter the FSB, led by Yuri Marklov, who sends in an emergency response team to capture 47. Diana calls 47 directly, informing him that it was Belicoff himself who ordered the hit. The troops attack and a hotel battle ensues. Agent 47 successfully escapes. However, the Agency he works for has dispatched assassins to kill him for failing his mission.

An Alternate ending in the Special Features of the DVD show 47 watching Nika through his Sniper Scope as she opens the envelope. She then turns down a corner of a small street to be shot dead in a Drive-By. Possibly by men loyal to the organisation behind the fake Belicoff. All while 47 watches.

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