This Gun for Hire

  • Directors: Frank Tuttle
  • Producers: Richard Blumenthal
  • Writers: Story, Graham Greene, Screenplay, Albert Maltz, W R Burnett
  • Genres: Film-Noir, Crime, Thriller
  • Actors: Veronica Lake, Alan Ladd, Robert Preston, Laird Cregar

A hit man, called Raven (Ladd), is double-crossed by nightclub owner Willard Gates (Cregar) who acts as a middleman for a traitorous industrialist, the president of Nitro Chemical, Alvin Brewster (Tully Marshall).

Traveling to Los Angeles to kill his way to the top of his betrayers, Raven meets up with Ellen Graham (Veronica Lake) a nightclub magician and singer.

Graham’s been enlisted by a senator to use Gates to find out who is making deals to manufacture poison gas for the Japanese. Ellen’s fianceé Lt. Michael Crane (Robert Preston) tries as best he can to keep up, tracking Raven while wondering if his girlfriend has been kidnapped or is a willing accomplice. Yvonne De Carlo also has a small role.

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