The Horror of Party Beach

  • Directors: Del Tenney
  • Producers: Del Tenney
  • Writers: Richard Hilliard
  • Genres: Horror, Music, Sci-Fi
  • Actors: John Scott, Alice Lyon, Allen Laurel

The movie starts with Hank and his immature girlfriend, Tina, driving to the beach. Hank tries to tell Tina that he has matured from being a “campus big shot who’d do anything for kicks”. Tina tells him that he is not living because of his life as a scientist, and wants to prove to him she can live better in her own way. Meanwhile, a boat dumps toxic waste into the ocean, which lands on a sunken ship with the skeleton of a dead sailor, which transforms slowly into a half human, half fish-like monster. The monster then proceeds to make its way to the surface.

Meanwhile, a party is going on at the beach with music played by the Del-Airs. The party catches the attention of a motorcycle gang. Tina starts flirting with the leader, Mike. After some dancing, Tina begins stripping. Hank, who was just staring out at the ocean, talks with Elaine. He tells her about Tina, and Elaine says she is sure that Tina will understand him eventually. Noticing the commotion at the beach, Hank and Elaine decide to check. Hank, angry at Tina, tries to bring her away, but Mike starts a fight with him. Hank wins, and Mike accepts his defeat. Tina tries to apologize to Hank, but he leaves. Mike is then taken home by his gang. Tina then decides to go for a swim. She swims all the way out to some rocks far away from the beach. She is attacked and killed by the monster. The sight of her body causes commotion on the beach.

Dr. Gavin arrives and throws sodium at the monster attacking Elaine, which kills it. Another monster attacks. Since he used his sodium, he attempts to defend his daughter herself. Hank, who is bringing more sodium, is then stopped by a cop, who leads him to Fingel’s Quarry. Hank saves Dr. Gavin by killing the monster attacking him, but burning him in the process. The group then kills all the monsters. Later, Hank visits Elaine, whose leg is recovering. They kiss while music by the Del-Airs plays on the radio.

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