The Great American Girl Robbery

  • Directors: Paul Glickler
  • Producers: Robert Boggs, Paul Glickler, Richard Lerner
  • Writers: Ace Baandige, Paul Glickler, Richard Lerner, Tad Richards
  • Genres: Adventure, Crime, Sport, Thriller
  • Actors: Stephanie Fondue, Denise Dillaway, Jovita Bush, Brandy Woods, Kimberly Hyde

The plot revolves around a group of high-school cheerleaders who are always on the lookout for sex. The movie broke some taboos such as statutory rape (a cheerleader has sex with another cheerleader’s father; a bus driver is seduced to engage in anal sex with a cheerleader, while he is driving the bus; the coach is seduced to engage in anal sex with the head cheerleader, who later on also seduces and has sex with another cheerleader’s father; the lesbian gym teacher spoons one cheerleader in the nude and gives her a handjob from behind) and non statutory female on male rape — the cheerleaders kidnap and then rape one by one the members of the opposing football team the night before the big game, to make them too tired to play football properly. Later on they also do the same to the sole winner of the game.

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