Space Jam

  • Directors: Joe Pytka
  • Producers: Ivan Reitman
  • Writers: Leo Benvenuti, Steve Rudnick, Timothy Harris
  • Genres: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi, Sport
  • Actors: Michael Jordan, Bugs Bunny, Wayne Knight, Daffy Duck, Lola Bunny, Theresa Randle, Bill Murray

A boy named Michael Jordan plays basketball outside his home, telling his father that he wants to one day go to college and play in the NBA. Fast-forward several years, and Michael has not only fulfilled his dream of playing college and professional basketball, but has also become a bona fide NBA superstar. After winning his third championship with the Chicago Bulls, Jordan announces his retirement and declares his intention to play baseball. Signed to the minor league Birmingham Barons, Jordan is a major draw for the team, but only a fair to mediocre player.

Deep in space, on another planet, five tiny aliens called Nerdlucks (Pound, the orange one, Bupkus, the purple one, Nawt is the red one, Bang, the green one and Blanko, the blue one) have been sent to Earth to go to Looney Tune Land and capture the Looney Tunes characters and take them back to Moron Mountain, an outer space theme park belonging to their boss, Mr. Swackhammer (voiced by Danny DeVito). The Looney Tunes call a meeting to find a way to escape slavery on Moron Mountain. Bugs Bunny convinces the Nerdlucks that the Looney Tunes must be allowed to defend themselves and, after consulting with his fellow Tunes, challenges the Nerdlucks to a basketball game, cockily expecting a blowout victory in light of the Nerdlucks’ small size.

Swackhammer berates the Monstars for losing, but when they finally realize that they are physically bigger than he is, they turn on him and shoot him into outer space. Jordan convinces the Monstars return the skills to the players, making them Nerdlucks again. The aliens beg the Looney Tunes to let them stay in Looney Tune Land, despite Bugs’ objection that they “aren’t looney enough”. Jordan then dashes back home in time to join the Barons on the diamond, returns the stolen skills to the NBA players, and later makes his return to the NBA, mirroring his real-life comeback.

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