Rabbit Fire

  • Directors: Charles M Jones
  • Producers: Eddie Selzer
  • Writers:
  • Genres: Animation, Family, Short, Comedy
  • Actors:

The short starts out like many Bugs Bunny cartoons do: Elmer Fudd follows a trail of “wabbit twacks” left by a rabbit he presumes to be Bugs Bunny. It turns out, however, that the tracks are being left by Daffy Duck, who, using the feet from a rabbit costume, makes the prints lead right up to Bugs’ rabbit hole. “Survival of the fittest,” Daffy tells the audience as he runs to hide, “…and besides, it’s fun!”

When Elmer appears, Bugs informs him that the hunter cannot legally shoot the rabbit, since it is Duck Season. Daffy emerges from his hiding place, screaming that Bugs’ claim is “an inmitigated feraberication. It’s Wabbit Season.” The argument then continues:

Elmer then obliges and shoots the duck’s bill causing it to spin and then resting back where it was again. Uninjured, yet embarrassed, Daffy starts the argument back up again.

Once again, Elmer obliges and shoots Daffy’s bill 180 degrees out of position to the back of his head. And once again uninjured, Daffy suggests Bugs start the argument again.

This time, the shot causes Daffy’s entire head to flip upside-down. Daffy walks away, disoriented.

Elmer yells at Daffy to come back, and tries to shoot him with his rifle, only to hear it click.

A visibly irate Elmer starts the hunt again for both “that scwewy wabbit and that scwewball duck”. They appear with Bugs dressed as a pretty female hunter with Daffy as her dog, but are exposed after Daffy bites Elmer’s leg (“Gypsy, you naughty bow-wow! Stop that!”) and Bugs’ ear pokes out of the blonde wig he is wearing. The argument continues near a tree with signs. Bugs and Daffy keep pulling sign after sign (with “RABBIT SEASON” in orange and “DUCK SEASON” in lighter yellow) until, in a notable and comical twist, it turns out to be “ELMER SEASON” (the sign featuring Elmer’s face above said text, also resembling a Wanted poster), prompting the hunter to run and Bugs and Daffy to don hunting gear and inform the audiences to be “vewwy, vewwy quiet…we’re hunting Elmers!” Then Daffy laughs like Elmer, which ends the short.

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