Mind Game

  • Directors: Masaaki Yuasa
  • Producers: Eiko Tanaka
  • Writers: Robin Nishi, Masaaki Yuasa
  • Genres: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Mystery
  • Actors: Koji Imada as Nishi, Sayaka Maeda as Myon, Takashi Fujii as Jiisan

The first scenes introduce the protagonist, Nishi, who is a young loser dreaming of becoming a comic book artist. He has always had a crush on a busty childhood friend, Myon, but his lack of self confidence and his insecurities stop him from seriously pursuing her, and they drift apart for years. Myon too does not achieve her aspirations as she was a swimming champion during high school, but eventually she gave up when her breasts became too big.

One day, they run into each other on the subway. They go to her parent’s yakitori restaurant, to see Myon’s father and her strikingly different older sister Yan (who runs the restaurant) and to talk about old times. There Nishi also meets Myon’s brawny fiancee, Ryo. He drives a truck.

Midway, two yakuza enter the restaurant asking for money that Myon’s father owes them. He had debts with the yakuza and left his family dealing with the problems he created, he spends his time away from home having fun with young women and gambling. It is because of his reckless and selfish behavior that his entire family will be in danger. Regardless of all that, he does not reveal himself when the situation worsens.

The 4 castaways eventually escape from the whale, followed by a lengthy montage, similar to that of the opening credits, showing some of the many possible futures for each of the four characters. We then return to the very first scene of the film, with Myon running from the Yakuza. Only this time, she does not get her leg caught in the door of the train, suggesting yet another possible series of events. The movie ends ambiguously, with the phrase “This Story Has Never Ended” appearing before the credits roll.

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