Fat City

  • Directors: John Huston
  • Producers: Ray Stark, John Huston
  • Writers: Leonard Gardner
  • Genres: Drama, Sport
  • Actors: Stacy Keach, Jeff Bridges, Susan Tyrrell, Candy Clark

Billy Tully (Keach), is a boxer who is alcoholic and way past his prime, and trying to make a comeback with the help of his manager and trainer Ruben (Nicholas Colasanto). He has a brief affair with a drunken barfly, Oma (Tyrrell), and moves in with her, working odd jobs to makes ends meet.

A young fighter, Ernie Munger (Bridges), takes Tully’s advice to join Ruben’s gym and make something of himself. He loses his first fight, but perseveres.

Learning the lesson that “winning is not as easy as it sounds,” Ernie is determined to get what he can out of boxing and, unlike Tully, not let setbacks get the best of him.

Tully narrowly wins a tough fight against a Mexican boxer, but is discouraged to learn that he gets almost no winnings.

The movie ends with Ernie accidentally running into Tully, who is now a panhandling derelict and apparently brain damaged from his fighting career.

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